Liam Hemsworth Fight: Caught on Camera!

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In order to date Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth had to fight off the competition.

He dropped Nick Jonas with a figurative right hook and knocked out Justin Gaston with a pretend uppercut.

But the actor and his brother Chris were involved in a real brawl a few months ago, reports TMZ, and the punch-packing siblings were actually caught on camera!

Following an event in Hollywood, Liam (in the striped shirt) and Chris reportedly got into it with some random guy outside a restaurant. Words were exchanged, following by fisticuffs, as the following pictures depict:

Brawling Liam
Caught on Camera


The sides were separated and security reportedly intervened before the police were called.

We wonder if Miley is aware of her man's past. Hopefully, Liam kept the anger to a minimum when he and Cyrus filmed their new movie, The Last Song, and fell passionately in love.


Well i think that nigga should get a life and leave miley cyrus 2 me cuz i can make her bedrock.And this website should get some drake drizzy n young money in here.And miley cyrus forget all of them niggas like nick jonas and come here so i can fuck you all night long cuz ima give you some latin love ya feel


Lisen up pips.. Liam is sooo hot, so let the guy bee. Miley Cyrus is a grown as woman and she dosen't need your crap rigth now, so i think she wouldn't mine if u guys just keept what ya thinking about her an Liam IN YOUR MINDS !! They look great together, if its only 2 get pulicity then mily YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE !!! I agree with you Dirk McCrackinz, NO ONE CAREEEEEEEEEES !! SO MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSSINESSES !!!!! AND GET A LIFE, PLSS!!


Who the fuck cares.


omg... Miley really doesn't need to be with that type of person. Of course, itz only for publicity and to get far in her career. They probably told Miley to fall in love with that dude. She need to go back with Nick Jonas. They had real love.


Passionately in love? Uh, no. Miley loved Justin as a friend. Nick and her were in love, hence, first loves. And, well, Liam is just a costar. I personally think Miley is just too obsessed with her new movie, which she's hoping will boost her career into the adult side, and since her "edgy" character falls in love with Liam's, she wants to also. It's obviously for publicity. She should really just get back together with Nick, and stay away from this violent Aussie ape. Not only would it better her image, but she seemed to like him the most. Liam looks like he wants to bite the guy he's beating face off.


Liam-what a BABY-NOT a man!!


Miley calls any guy that gives her the time of day-her boyfriend! Miley is a DESPERATE SELF-CENTERED ATTENTION-WHORE SLUT! Liam is a LOSER-anger problems!!


Justin was already gone before they met and I don't really think there was any figurative right hook that knocked out Nick. If he would have cared Liam wouldn't be with her. Why would Nick want someone who falls for every guy she works with on a film.

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