Levi Johnston Nude: New Playgirl Pic Leaked!

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The first batch of Levi Johnston Playgirl pictures left much to be desired.

Last month's pics weren't as risque as advertised, and you couldn't access most of them without entering a credit card number on a site full of naked dudes.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, if your last name is Palin), the magazine has released a newer, nuder shot of America's favorite unwed teenage baby daddy.

He's so naked, we've had to post it after the jump!

We'll say this much about it: The man who knocked up Bristol Palin is wearing only hockey gear, and little of it. You ready to see the full Johnston? Go forth:

Levi Johnston Nude Playgirl Picture

Levi Johnston nude in Playgirl: Hot or not?

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he is very hot, wish he were gay, and wish I could see more!


i think hes hot


Should of tanned more.


He's not that cut, but I like to give him a break, gay or not (let's take a real look) guy a break. He is in some way taking on some government issues that he doesn't care about or even understand at his age. Really. Give it a rest, let the kid do his thing. If he can shake his money maker for a buck - everyone else can say they'd never do it, but you've never been in that spot. I say Levi - do your thing, let others think it's stupid while you make a living from it - really why not?


After hearing Levi on the Joy Behar Show, I suggest he hone up his speaking talents. His grammar is terrible, he speaks as if he were sleeping. This boy needs some fine tuning before he should ever expect to be seen or heard in public. Where are the personal agents for this poor bumbling boy??????


he sucks. trying to make a name for his self and making money off some ones name .