Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Reportedly "On Board" for Double Breaking Dawn

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New Moon is still raking in cash.

There's over seven months until Eclipse is released.

But, hey, it's never too early to discuss Breaking Dawn, is it?

Sources have confirmed that the final installment in the Twilight Saga will be broken up into two films, similar to the plans for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Said an insider of the movie studio's thinking:

"Knowing Summit, [the announcement] will be soon, with the giant success of New Moon. Why would they not stretch it out and make as much money as possible from this franchise?"

Of course, the question on everyone's mind concerns the flick's stars: Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson be available for twice the shooting?

Keeping Distance

Too much of a good thing? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will star in a Breaking Dawn double feature.

Yes, a source told E! News. Fans have nothing to worry about.

"They are so on board. But the money has to be right. If it is, it'll happen - especially now that [Rob and Kristen] are learning better how to handle the press."

We doubt Rob or Kristen has to be concerned about money ever again. The studio could offer each a billion dollars for Breaking Dawn and still see a return on its investment.

Are you excited for THREE more films in the Twilight Saga? Or do you fear this decision may create Robsten and vampire backlash?


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Breaking Dawn is my favorite after Twilight. I always love the beginnings and the finales. Robert Pattinson is my love/demi-god. lol


Breaking 'Breaking Dawn' into 2 movies is really a BRILLIANT idea, but I hope they dont cut it short. I want Mr. Slade to stick to the book as closely as he can (but not TOO closely as to make it boring). Meyer's last Twilight saga book is really the best and final conclusion of the story, so by cutting it short is really not a selling point.
Btw, New Moon was the best Twilight-Saga-Movie so far (for me). So..."GO MR. SLADE!!! and GOOD LUCK"


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :) hahaha it has to be broken up into 2 movies because its the last onee!


as long as Robert Pattinson is there i'm good :) i just hope that the two movies would not be too far apart though. BTW i love chris weiz better than catherine, he is more loyal to the book


i think its fantastic cuz we all want rob and kristine to get alot of money for theyr spectaculiar acting,and it would be very interesting to see the rest of the movies it will make people more excited....robsten rock on guys


I think that we should wait and see what David Slade does with Eclipse before we decide who we wish would direct the 2 Breaking Dawn films! I LOVED New Moon and the darkness of it and I also LOVED Twilight because of the romance... so if they could mix it all up and throw it at us then I think that would be amazing. I just hope that they put all the vital scenes in the movie that is in the book. I am sick of them changing some of the BEST scenes around and changing so much from the book to make the movie! But all in all I am a Twi~hard fanpire and I'll probably just love it all regardless!!! I want to feel frightened and romantic all at the same time for the next THREE movies!! :)


i know these things have been written awhile ago but gwendolyn and others i so agree,all chris was about was taylor new moon romance was sort of lost,the wolves and their body you know i forgot about chatrine yes she can help with breaking dAWN BUT not chris and those fALSE LOOKING WOLVES!ROB WAS NOT PLEASE OF THE WAY EDWARD LOOKED LETS SEE WHAT DAVID DOES SO FAR ROB LOOKS GREAT AS EDWARD ALSO BD IS SORT OF DARK TOO REMEMBER HE HAWS TO GAVE BELLA HIS SHIRT WHEN THEY GO HUNTING FOR THE FIRST TIME WHEN SHE BECOMES A VAMPIRE-THEN ROMANCE STARTS


Oops I meant to say Breaking Dawn is too much story for one director to deliver. I think they should bring back Catherine to ensure the romance stays central to the film. I also think they need to enlist an additional screenwriter, or totally replace Melissa Rosenberg as she took too many liberties with the story. The Volturi fight at the end of New Moon undermined the books description of Edward's strength in combat due to his ability to read his opponents next move...and Alice's ability to move so swiftly she couldn't be caught. I hate the content of the story being changed, dismissing the core of the real story


I totally agree with bringing back Catherine Hardwicke to co-direct Breaking Dawn...she did do a much better job with Twilight, than Weitz did with New Moon she structured a far superior soundtrack in addition. Catherine brought out a passionate performance of her characters which IMO Chris Weitz failed at miserably, in New Moon the characters reminded me of highschoolers reciting lines for a highschool play. Catherine did a superior job in laying out all her scenes and I think her detail and precision will be sorely needed in the final two part film. Besides New Moon is too much story for one director to fully capture and deliver. Fans need to lobby for Catherine's return. I'm waiting to see Eclipse tho' before I agree to Weitz's value as a co-director for Breaking Dawn...tho' I guess he'd be good for the special effects and CGI elements.

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