Kourtney Kardashian, Kute Kid Kover Magazine

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This is a proud time for Kourtney Kardashian.

The new mother has chosen the publication that will pay her lots of money for is showing the world her newborn son.

Inside the latest issue of Life & Style, the eldest Kardashian sister describes what it's like to be a mother:

"I feel so lucky. He's such a good baby."

Hmmm... would she feel less lucky if he cried a lot?

Baby Cover

As for that controversial middle name, Kourtney says:

"Dash is not for my clothing store, as some people have suggested online. That would be stupid. Dash is short for Kardashian, and it was my father's nickname."

Recent reports suggested that Kourt flipped out at Reggie Bush because he considered proposing to Kim Kardashian around Christmas. Such family news would have overshadowed this cover story.

Meanwhile Scott Disick is not included on the cover shot, he does pose inside the magazine with his son and occasional girlfriend. He even looks sort of happy to be there:

Keep those eyes closed, Mason. We wouldn't wanna look if our parents were Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, either.


its better to be gay but not to be neger!!!


Scott is the biggest user on earth. How can Kourtney not see it? She needs to leave him way behind for her baby's best interest. He is another Spencer, media whore who gets involved with a woman only to achieve fame, and freebies.


her baby is so cuit but her man is so ugly


Ok so the Scott guy is a totally idiot and needs to go back in the whole he grawled out of....


hi kourtney congrulation! he's so cute


Hey, Kourtney congrats on the little one!! He's so cute!! I love babys myself. Just keep your head up and be there for your baby!!


WOW stop with the rude comments towards scott... every guy can be an ass sometimes.. ever thought they only show him being a tool on the show for drama? YEAH OBVIOUSLY. he can't be that bad if kourtney has been with him this long. everyone has their own problems so lets stop criticizing and just be happy for the new parents.


He looks gay. Has she ever thought about that


Scott actually needs to get a day job! What does the guy actually do??? Looks like he simply "tags" along and helps himself to Kourtneys fame and fortune... He is a typical Metrosexual male... Cute kid, Kourtney, well done :)


i think scott's a nice guy.the baby is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you will make a beautiful/good mother and i think scott will to as a father

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