Kim Sears to Andy Murray: It's (Video) Game Over!

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Most guys who play seven hours of video games a day have probably never talked to a woman without entering a credit card number, let alone dated Kim Sears.

British tennis star Andy Murray had the best of both worlds going for him, though ... at least until Kim dumped him for spending too much time on Playstation.

Yes. Murray, the No. 4 ranked player in the world, was dumped by Kim Sears, his longtime girlfriend, in part because of a seven-hours-a-day video game habit.

Sources close to Sears said one cause [of the breakup] was Murray's "long hours playing video tennis and PlayStation 3 games like the Call of Duty sequel."

Wait, he plays tennis video games?!

You'd think long practice hours and being hailed as Britain's brightest hope to win Wimbledon one day would be enough tennis, but that's dedication to the sport!

Lighten up, Kim Sears (and call us)!

Kim Sears tired of third wheel status ... between Andy Murray and Playstation.

Brad Gilbert, Murray's former coach, has said in the past that the 22-year-old Scot has been known to spend up to "seven hours a day" playing video games.

The silver lining? You know there aren't three mistresses out there.

The source told The Sun (UK): "He would spend all his time glued to them. In the end she just got fed up with it. Kim wanted more out of the relationship."

The fact that Murray played more with his PS3 than with Kim Sears seems baffling, but in the tennis champ's defense, have you seen Assassin's Creed II?!

No, seriously, have you? We have no idea what that means.


No seriously u have this chick and u go more on video games when u can reduce gaming time and save both.I now see why he will never win a grand slam


in his defense, call of duty is SICKKKK. who needs girlfriends anyway


Good for him! Celebrity relationships aren't for everyone (yeah, I know he's been with her a while, but regardless), and if the two of them aren't happy with eachother's actions, hobbies included, it shouldn't be. If he started to not play games and really wanted to play them, he would be suppressing something inside of him that he shouldn't have to, just to make her happy. I'm not saying he shouldn't make her happy, in my case I am alright with not doing the things I would do with my girlfriend not around when I'm with her, but she is completely fine with everything I do. These kind of sites are funny, and the blogger is amusing.


Can you imagine??? What has it come to? Video games over the girl!! That dude is jacked.... KIM SEARS DUMBA**!!! She's smokin' hot in case you didn't put your game controller down long enough to notice.