Kevin Jonas Speaks on "Princess" Wedding, Danielle Deleasa

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It's not enough that Kevin Jonas is supremely talented and incredibly attractive.

The singer has to be a major romantic, as well.

As detailed in the latest issue of People, Jonas and Danielle Deleasa got married on December 19. The ceremony was held at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York. Why that location?

"I knew that my princess needed her glass slippers and her castle," Kevin told the magazine, while his new wife added: "I couldn't have imagined this."

For a complete Jonas wedding album, pick up this issue of People.

As for other wedding details:

  • Deleasa was escorted down the aisle by her father, as the pair walked to the altar with "Bella Notte" (from Lady and the Tramp) playing in the background.
  • She wore a Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown.
  • Kevin Jonas Sr., an ordained minister, officiated the ceremony; along with Danielle's childhood pastor.
  • The couple exchanged Jacob & Co. wedding bands.

Said Kevin of Danielle: "I've never seen a more beautiful bride."

Said THG editors to Kevin: Stop making us look so bad!


I think that she is very beautiful and that she and Kevin deserve a beautiful and happy life together no matter what age they are ,they look magnificant and stop bagging on her she's pretty. :)


sryy tat wasnt me tat was some stupid girl tat had my email password cause daneille totally love her


he shold not murry that stupid cow she is tottley ugly so i hope kevin can see this note i love u but i going to say a bad word on your bride f her


kevin jonas married i always thought he was gay LOL


i ment shouldent gotten married.


I think you should have gotten married.


She is ugly and dum and a goldiger kevin you have a boyfriend and the bicth is dating you get you rich fame and sex tapes


Let's see if another 20 something celebrity marriage can go the distance.


I really don't know if I would say he's incredibly attractive.

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