Kendra Wilkinson and Husband Present Baby Baskett

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In her latest blog entry, Kendra Wilkinson writes about the joys of being a mother. She says:

Lil hank has enriched our lives more than we ever dreamed possible and now i cant imagine my world without him.

The former nude model then shares a few pictures of newborn Hank Baskett IV, all of which are incredibly adorable until one remembers: she made hundreds of thousands of dollars by snapping these pics for OK! Weekly from her hospital room.

Still, let's not puilsh baby Hank for that fact. He's one cute kid!


He is adorable. God bless him and your family. You guys would be great parents so don't let anyone tell you any different. CONGRATS!!


he is so cute. he just looks like his daddy.take kare of him alot and dont take him out with this kind of weather. good luck and dont be messy. always be clean @ the baby.


He is adorable...don't all the "famous" ppl get paid to have their newborns on a cover??? Kendra cracks me up I only hope she is more organized and not so um, blonde, with her child as she appeared on her show.

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