Kellan Lutz in Cosmo: Holy Hotness!

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Attention, random brunette featured in the December issue of Cosmopolitan: Hands off Kellan Lutz!

We don't know your name, but we do know your game: making a play for one of Hollywood's hottest young stars.

Lutz looks especially ravishing in the magazine, strumming on a guitar and making us forget all about Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson for a few minutes.

The actor is on record as saying he wants to be the next big action star, to which we respond: you do some pretty crazy stunts in our fantasies already!


omg omg omg omg!!


lol Heck when you get those horsey teeth they most likey got em from a freak ass dentist to put them IN their mouth, whew. Lotsa shine.
That man is pretty. My new Princess. ha. Screw Kristen lol she is toooo dark to go in cosmo but he is perdy. sorry she's odd, to me, and loved by millions I see other oddities. Plus I haven't slept correctly as of late ignore my rambles :). ♥ he;s hot. Engagements shall be accepted dearest kellan.


why is that girl's mouth open in every it her horse teeth? Her make-up artist went way to goth on the eyeliner, esp if they wanted the all natural country beauty set to hold any ground....these pics suck...horrible


Kellan Lutz Biography

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Kellan Lutz is a film and television actor, best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the 2008 film Twilight, starring alongside Taylor... More »
Dickinson, North Dakota
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Kellan Christopher Lutz