Kate Gosselin Tries to Be Funny on Jay Leno Show

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Her married life has at last come to an end after her divorce was made official on Friday, and it's safe to say that Kate Gosselin's TV career is over as well.

After her appearance on The Jay Leno Show last night, it's abundantly clear that the mom of eight is probably the least engaging and funny person ever.

She was really good at spanking kids and emasculating her husband on TV, but if she's looking to land her own talk show, she shouldn't hold her breath.

Not after this Q&A session on Jay's "10 at 10." Try to stay awake...

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dang. dessertgirl, wendie, kate isa fraud did you guys feel better after lashing out your judgments? I never understood why people feel the need to lash out their judgments online. first of all, it's not like she's gonna read your comments so get over yourselves. And second, don't judge as if you all don't have any faults of your own. it just so happens that kate's faults were caught on tv. now all of a sudden everyone acts all self-righteous and feel they have the right to judge. PUH-LEEZ. people suck.


No, K didn't write the script. Only BONAFIDE STARS get to do that when they are on someone else's show. KATE, YOU ARE NO STAR! Kate Isa and Wendy are right on. Kate DESTROYED HER FAMILY FOR NOTHING and KATE IS NOT FUNNY NOR IS SHE A GOOD MOM!


Kate didn't write the script, I think she did the best she could with those ridiculous questions.


Well, there will be no more watching Leno for me. He ripped into a man who cannot even defend himself. Was that a bold move to bash Jon Gosselin, or an ignorant one? IT WAS DUMB. Kate-you are so NOT funny. You're not even a good mom. You're a horrible "idol" to your fans, and you you shouldn't be PRIVILEGED to have paparazzi following you. I am so thankful, that, come spring, no one will remember who you are, and your ratings will demand cancellation of your show due to lack of viewing. Jon-Kate did not allow you to grow as a man. What did she expect? There are some of us who remember how she treated you. Her head is too big, now. You had to get out of that marriage or sacrifice yourself the rest of your life to that woman. There is happiness for you.


I thought she was a good sport. Could the questions have been any more stupid???!!! I know they are supposed to be funny but really, its no wonder nbc is tanking in ratings!


So she destroyed her marriage and kids for NOTHING! Next stop? Surreal Life and Playboy or JUGGS!


good lord. how many times did she do that phony "A Ha Ha HAA"? this woman gets on my last nerve.


Shoot me, I liked her, haha!

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