Kate Gosselin Talk Show: Not Happening

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In turns out Kate Gosselin, who had her sights set on a talk show career, is not going to be part of a new show that she shot a pilot for, according to reports.

The reason? Executives thought she was too controversial.

In September, Kate was one of several hosts for a Momlogic TV pilot. The show was described as The View for working moms, but it may not even happen.

With multiple hosts (Kate, Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff, others), the show was designed to tackle topics such as teenage pregnancy as well as lighter fare.

K. Goss

TV execs passed on Kate Gosselin. This time around.

Executives believed Kate was too controversial for the show, however, and didn’t think she was ready for a full-time hosting job, even as part of a panel.

Deen was being pushed as the show’s star, even in the multi-host format, and there was some concern that Kate Gosselin’s notoriety was upsetting her.

The decision to drop Kate doesn’t mean no more Kate on TV, however. She will be back on TLC in the spring with a new show, which is in development.

TLC says it is "fully committed" to Kate’s new show, even as it works to finish developing its concept. At the same time, it's working to finish Jon Gosselin.






Glad Kate has been dropped. Had enough of her pitty me act. She can't talk without someone putting words in her mouth or taking time to assemble the "correct or what she wants people to hear" response. She is not a natural speak which makes it difficult to relate to her. Saw her on The View and all she did was smile and watch the other people speak. She could not naturally join in on the conversation. It is time she gave time to raising the children without depending on TLC to pay for their vacations, etc. Not sure if they purchased anything themselves in the last 6 years. Lots of donations and product placement. Kate it is time to find a private life and get on with it. Looking forward to new shows with new people from TLC. There are more stories of interest to tell. Not sure watching someone complain about or tell about what the kids did today was worth my time.


well I hope this woman,s 15 minutes of fame are over, if she does any more interviews I for one would like to know why she has not been questioned more about her affair with the bodyguard, it seems poor jon has been made a scapegoat for her behaver, it seems obvious to everyone else about theses two so why do these shows view, larry king ect,,,not persue this as they are quick to jump on jon,s every move, just because she say it,s not true about her and her so called bodyguard these shows seem t think it,s gosspel what a sham ,


P. S. What is with the lame way Kate is carrying her purse? She does that all the time with purses (multiples, she often carries two because you know she is into multiples, even her children are multiples), carries shopping bags like that, holds her kids hands like that, stretched waaaay up over their heads. And with her knowing she is always being photographed, why doesn't she watch what facial expression she struts around with, it's always a frown or scowl. When 'made up' (a natural beauty she ain't) and smiling she can look attractive, so it would behoove her to try doing that more often. She should forget the trips out with no makeup (there's one pic of her out there in her favorite ugly black big hair covering cap with no makeup and she looks like an ugly guy needing a shave with a HUGE hangover). A REAL celebrity watches how they run around in public (or should).


Kate was dumped from the lineup (not as host but as guest) due to what she has become, a narcissist. They also saw from her 3 days on The View and her other appearances that she is incapable of hosting a show, has no talent, is slow witted and can only talk about one topic (herself).


I don't hate Kate. I just don't agree with how she did her husband Jon. She dogged him and when she thought she was on her feet she kicked him to the curve. But as the Bible says, "when you dig one hole you better dig two"... If she had let him live she may would have survived. She wanted the children, the house, the career so she could travel and cared nothing about her husband. I totally do not agree with Jon's actions but at least he did stay home with the children until he found out where she was going. The best thing she can do is go back to him, let him keep the children Monday-Friday while she work at whatever. She have them on the weekend because he'll never be able to work anywhere again. And if she thinks she's going to get $10,000 in child support she's got another thing coming. It's not going to happen. You can't sqeeze juice from a turnip.


for those of you who hate Kate you sure know alot about her don't ya...I find it amusing. I don't agree with a lot of things she does or how she acted but let's face it, would YOU go work as a nurse with 8 kids? Really....let's be real. Should she be on tv again..not my decision, but she has a huge fan base and she isn't any worse to see on tv then some of the other horrid reality shows. Lots of haters our there.


I absolutely agree with the other comments. Kate was a schrew of a wife and a lousey mother. She cares more about money than anything else and Jon is a casualty of her abusive behavior. One has to wonder if she is the same with her kids now that her wipping boy is gone! TLC should be ashamed to be asociated with her and as long as she is on that channel I wont be watching


Well,I knew that Paula Dean would clash with miss now it all!! you see,Paula is a real person,what you see is what you get from Paula.Kate is a fake-- Fake Wife,Mother,Sister,Friend,ect,ect,.No one likes her nor do we want to see her on TV with her FAKE ADVICE!She should stay home and raise her kids-- She had them,now let her raise them,REMEMBER FOR THE KIDS-- You folks talk about the kids going to collage,with the damage that has already been done to those kids,They will be lucky to make it out of High School.


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