Kate Gosselin: So Alone, So Sad

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Kate Gosselin always had trouble making friends.

This was due in part to her abrasive, grating personality the time commitment of raising eight young children and being followed by a TV crew at all times.

But now that she has officially divorced Jon Gosselin, and Jon & Kate Plus 8 (with its crew) is no more, the newly-single mom feels more alone than ever.

"At night, when the kids are in bed, that's a lonely time for her," Kate's friend Jamie Ayers tells Life & Style. "That's when she calls me up and we chat."

"It gets lonely when you're the only adult."

Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild Picture

Step it up, Steve Neild! Your girl is lonely!

During the day, Kate Gosselin tries to fend off the loneliness and depression by staying busy, making unfunny appearances on The Jay Leno Show. Stuff like that.

"Mostly, she gets up at the crack of dawn, works out and makes breakfast," says Jamie. "She runs errands while the kids are at school, and does a lot of baking."

But that isn't enough to fill the void.

Hilariously quoted in this story is Stephanie Santoro, a former nanny who claims she had an affair with Jon. She believes that deep inside, Kate misses her ex.

"There are times she's said she wished the old Jon would come back," Stephanie, who claims Jon did her nine times, said. "She wants that companionship back."


It's funny how this article has used information in favor of Kate to try to insult her. It makes the bias totally unfounded and ridiculous. How about this? You have somebody film every moment of your life, cut out anything good and leave the bad for entertainment and money-making purposes and then slam Kate the way you do.


Since when did Hollywood Gossip become so negative? Kate was great on Leno. Kate being a mom of 8 I wish her the best. Why would you try to tear her down? Kate is the parent that 8 little lives depend on! Are you trying to destroy her? Kate needs to make a living for herself and her children. Jon surely isn't working. How low can you go????????????