Kardashian Khristmas Kard Inkludes Ryan Seacrest, Kry for Attention

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This really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Of course the Kardashians would consider an E! News personality as part of their family.

Awful Hairstyle

The group's newly-released Christmas card - which somehow, magically appeared online - includes the all the usual suspects (Kourtney, Khloe, Kim Kardashian; Bruce Jenner, Lamar Odom, etc.)... and Ryan Seacrest.

The American Idol host produces the family reality show.

On her official blog, Kim wrote:

"What is Ryan Seacrest doing in the pic!!? I love you to death, Ryan, but it's a bit of a stretch to call you a member of the Kardashian family, don't you think? I know you're dying to be a part of the family, so just for this Christmas, we'll make your wish come true!"

This is why you have to love/hate/admire/detest the Kardashians: do they really expect us to believe that Seacrest was accidentially included on the card?

Kim acts as if this wasn't 100% planned by her publicist. Someone had the idea to stick Ryan in the photo, circulate it around the Internet and create a new round of headlines for the attention-hungry family.

It's both utterly grating and completely genius at the same time.

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where is the pic


I think that anyone who has something negative to say should worry about there self. The only reason people have negative comments to say about the Kardashians is because there trying to cover up there own problems. I watch every show that comes on including keeping up w/the kardashians,khloe and lamar,Kourtney and khloe take miami,kim and kourtney take new york, etc........ I think they are all just great and wonderful people.I dont know how they do so much but they all have alot on there plate and you gotta give them credit for that. I LOVE ALL OF YALL SO KEEP GETTING IT KARDASHIANS AND ODOMS. (by the way thats not nice to falsely identify ur self as lamar and say mean stuff). Thats hurtful and if u people were raised w/ any respect u would not talk like that. If yall people dont like them or dont like the shows then dont fucking watch it. Dont just talk shit to talk it!!!!!!!!!!!


Hellion, you are idiot, Lamar is awesome!!!! Kudos to the whole family!!!


I really think this is a very smart family.I would like to see more of larmar and Bruce together doing something for boys and grils club,promote Kathy's kids more Scott would be a good promoter for that once his done with rehab,


This actually looks like it's a picture from Khloe's wedding...


The girls all have the same hair style. How boring is that?


Yes I am.I am ashamed of being balck that´s why I married this Tranny so that I would ahve some self esteem.


It's the new Adam's Family and Lamar is the black Lurch.