Kara DioGuardi Blames Economy for Adam Lambert Censorship

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When asked why Adam Lambert has been booted off multiple ABC programs this month, Kara DioGuardi channeled Bill Clinton. She basically said:

It's the economy, stupid.

"We're living in a pretty bad economic time, so they have to do what they have to do to keep their advertisers," DioGuardi told E! News. "Networks are doing what they think their viewers want and don't want, so it's just budgetary."

Lambert, of course, found himself in hot water after he performed an excessively racy rendition of "For Your Entertainment" at the American Music Awards. Since then, ABC has canceled two of his previously-booked appearances on its network.

Many fans are citing an unfair double standard against the singer.

If they boycott the network, ABC might really need to worry about its advertisers!

Adam and Kara

The American Idol judge, who returns for her second season on the panel next month, also defended the crooner.

"We always know he's going to shock us, right? He's going to wow us and give us the unexpected, and that's his thing...That's what we look for."

In other words, ABC: you can't book Adam Lambert for a gig and then act surprised when he flaunts his sexuality.

DioGuardi knows a thing or two about that, as well: she stripped down to her bikini during the show's May finale; and said husband Mike McCuddy sees even more than that at home:

"I give him his own personal videos - sans the bikini."


Let's get this sorted out here: Gay kid performs a raunchy performance which involves simulated oral sex for his first major show. A television network gets "turned-off" by it and cancels his scheduled performances on their network. Crazy liberals demand that it is not fair. Sure, there is a double standard. Madonna has been performing shows like this for years. However, in my opinion, Madonna has earned the right to be raunchy because of her musical resume.
This kid has no resume with exception to being a runner up in a nationally broadcasted karaoke contest. What has he ever done to make a television network want to risk losing viewers and money over? I get sick of these homosexual performers (with exception to Elton John) that sing only about sex and expect the general public to defend them. This guy is no better than "Frankie Goes to Hollywood", George Michael and that horrible band that sang "You Spin Me Round Round".


I can easily stop buying products sold by ABC program sponsors. I have a list of them and will not buy them, and have begun writing these sponsors to tell them why. I've already stopped watching anything on ABC. If enough people do this, everyone will get the message.
The so-called "Christian" bigots at Liberty Counsel should not have this much control.


Okay, Kara -- then let us know which sponsors are allegedly threatening ABC so we can point out that the number of complaints to ABC for dropping Lambert was significantly greater than the paltry 1500 complaints they got over his performance. C'mon, Kara and ABC -- we need to know which sponsors those are. Waiting, waiting...


ABC is sucks1


Thanks so much for the tip Kara, I will definitely be taking some time out to write letters to the company's that support ABC letting them know of my boycott. ABC has gone way overboard in their punishment, I could somewhat understand the first cancellation to get their point out there, but now it's just ridiculous. They're giving the ignorant, narrow minded, homophobic Liberty Counsel a reason to rejoice and I seriously don't think that is what they (ABC) intended.

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