Kara DioGuardi Blames Economy for Adam Lambert Censorship

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When asked why Adam Lambert has been booted off multiple ABC programs this month, Kara DioGuardi channeled Bill Clinton. She basically said:

It's the economy, stupid.

"We're living in a pretty bad economic time, so they have to do what they have to do to keep their advertisers," DioGuardi told E! News. "Networks are doing what they think their viewers want and don't want, so it's just budgetary."

Lambert, of course, found himself in hot water after he performed an excessively racy rendition of "For Your Entertainment" at the American Music Awards. Since then, ABC has canceled two of his previously-booked appearances on its network.

Many fans are citing an unfair double standard against the singer.

If they boycott the network, ABC might really need to worry about its advertisers!

Adam and Kara

The American Idol judge, who returns for her second season on the panel next month, also defended the crooner.

"We always know he's going to shock us, right? He's going to wow us and give us the unexpected, and that's his thing...That's what we look for."

In other words, ABC: you can't book Adam Lambert for a gig and then act surprised when he flaunts his sexuality.

DioGuardi knows a thing or two about that, as well: she stripped down to her bikini during the show's May finale; and said husband Mike McCuddy sees even more than that at home:

"I give him his own personal videos - sans the bikini."


I am a 60 year old (yes you read that right) straight, married female. Anyone who cannot see past that male dominated homophobic double standard and cannot see the extreme talent that Adam Lambert has over just about every other Idol winner/loser/runner up, in ALL seasons of that show, simply has not a single bit of taste or sence of talent. ABC should be ashamed of themselves. Adam Lambert was cancelled on Jimmy Kimmel? Are you KIDDING ME? This man has a reputation of teh most raunchy, and misogynistic


I don't want to see my children mimic the things Adam did while they are playing. ABC is affiliated with Disney. Disney has always stood for clean entertainment. I hope they cancel all of the raunchy performers. There were more than just Adam on that AMA broadcast, but Adam was the worst. I was a fan of his on American Idol. No more. I am glad to see ABC take a stand on this.


I recently visited america, to see my favourite aunt whos daughters (my nieces) were expressing disgust about adam. Adam, if you're reading this - you're in for a laugh because both my nieces have committed terrible atrocities against children, one being 'making love with her husband' while the kids are in the same bed at the same time, the other one walks around naked in front of her little kids..neither of them see any wrong in this and yet they enjoy bagging you. I think adam lambert is a really nice guy and a brilliant performer and agree with Kara, that money (another evil) is a possible root of these cancellations.


To Lisa - Thank you!!!! Thank you very much! That's exactly the point you've got there!!! People who do not even know and did not follow Adam from the beginning feel the need to put him down.
To ones who only saw Adam on AMA - Do not base your opinion on only one performance. We all have good and bad days...he is a human being and a beginner too. ABC provoked him (I saw the rehearsal...he did not add much to it)and they knew what suppose to be shown there, they even hint us on "eye popping", "jaw dropping"...and etc. Although now it is only Adam who takes the wrath and hats off he takes it graciously.
ADAM - you are one of a kind talented performer. Much-much better than many of the ones around in the industry who I'm personally sick and tired to listen over and over on the radio...Adam's CD is a GIFT. Usually 2 or 3 songs on anyone's CD are fine, the rest are just a fillers...Adam's CD is great from song 1 thru 14!!!!
Versatile, surprising, different!!!


There is a double standard. Adam did no worse than many other performers on music award shows. I think in the end this will hurt ABC more than Adam. He is sure getting a lot of free press and his record is selling very well. Adults should be monitoring what their children are watching.


To Hellion - Do take time to listen to all of Adam's CD. I guarantee you will find songs that you will listen to over and over again. He is an amazing talent. I have watched every season of American Idol and I feel they have found some talented singers but Adam is something so unique and so far beyond anything that they could have ever imagined. Adam is a sexy being, that is why millions of straight women of all ages have gone totally insane over him. Yes, I am one of them. I am older and married to a musician. He doesn't mind my obsession because he appreciates Adam's vocal ability. He even admits that Adam is an incredibly good-lookng man. Adam is hot and his music deserves to be taken seriously. Please listen and let us know what you think.


Christa, Well said, I will give you that. I am not here for a war. However, I am allowed to an opinion after reading the article.
True, I haven't even listened to any of his music nor have I ever listened to any former American Idol music. Simply because American Idol lessens artists creativity and deflates musical culture as a whole. American Idol isn't even American it's produced by the English. If Adam Lambert has non-sexual songs that are any good why did he have to lead off with a sexual song? When is the last time that an openly homo-sexual has had a hit (besides Elton John) that wasn't about sex?


I don't think there was anything wrong with Adam's AMA preformance...and neither did my parents who are in their 60's and republicans at that! If they are going to say that what Adam did was too racy for primetime tv then they need to say that what every preformer did (and snoop dog's reference to getting high which was WRITTEN for him to say by the same pople banning Adam)was too racy. This show was not kid friendly from start to finish so why are people complaining?? Female preformers have done sexy preformances on primetime tv for ages...Pink shoved a male dancers face into her crotch durring an awards show on FOX two or three years ago and no one banned her from their network. This double standard crap is getting old...either be a prude all across the board, or get over it ABC!


this comment is in reference to Hellion's comment...
You obviously aren't as well informed about this topic as you think you are...you state that this "kid"/homosexual preformer only sings about sex...and if you ever took 10 minutes to listen to any of Adam's music you would know that the song For Your Entertainment which he preformed on the AMA's is his only sexy kind of song. His album is very eclectic and has so many songs that are fun, uplifting, empowering, beautiful, and yes a few that make you feel sexy. He is not all sex and raunch so until you know your facts please don't go around spreading your uninformed oppinions.


The word "crooner" definitely does not fit Adam Lambert.

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