Julie Postle Ups Tiger Woods Mistress Count to 10

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Julie Postle, previously known to gossip hounds as "Unidentified Orlando Cocktail Waitress," was identified as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses this afternoon.

That makes 10 according to THG's updated, official Tiger mistress list.

Jules was outed by ex-beau Brian Kimbrough, who claims she was seeing Tiger Woods on the side in 2004 while he was casually dating the blonde cutie.

Brian says Tiger called himself "Mr. Brightside" in reference to a Killers' song about a jealous lover, and the golfer would call up Julie Postle "incessantly."

"One time, her phone rang, and it said a weird name on it - 'Mr. Brightside,'" Kimbrough recalled. "And I was like, 'What the hell is this?' She smiled."

"She just said it was Tiger but didn't answer it. But she played me the voice mail. It said, 'Hey, it's Tiger, just seeing how you're doing. Give me a call.'"

Why'd Kimbrough stay with Postle, if she was fooling around with Woods?

"She was hot," he said.

There's little bright side now for Julie Postle's former fling.

Kimbrough says Woods even invited Postle to Vegas and said, 'If you break up with your boyfriend, I can give you some money to get you on your feet.'"

Don't tell that to Jamie Jungers.

Things later got more serious between Kimbrough and Postle, and she said she and Tiger weren't speaking anymore. But we know how that goes.

The mother of Postle's former roommate, Morgan Coles, backs up the story.

"Tiger was obsessed, really hunted her," Nola Coles recalls. "He used to go into Roxy demanding Julie. 'Where's Julie? I want to see Julie.'

"She was 20 then, and I said, 'You've got to get a condo out of this,'" the mother said, "and she just said, 'Oh, no, I can't do that to Tiger.'"

Naturally, Julie Postle's trysts and phone calls with Tiger Woods, which began in 2004, continued even after he was married to Elin Nordegren.

Also naturally, "Tiger told [Postle] that his marriage was just for publicity. She said it was for his image, entirely for the media and wasn't real."

Hope you've got a good divorce lawyer, Tiger.


The MOTHER said that "you have to at least get a condo out of this?" What a wonderful mother. Just as long as she can get a condo out of it, it is OK to be a whore ascrew around with a married man. Gee, thanks Mom for showing me the right way to live. In a story that just SCREAMS sick, this is really sick!


What's really scary is that Tiger wasn't trying to hide his identity or do things in secret. He did things at his home, gave his name out on the phone, etc. He must not have been too worried about being caught. I guess I can't wrap my brain around it, I am not the slightest bit famous but to mess around, I would be so paranoid(I wouldn't ever do it I am just saying for arguments sake). I agree with KarlMarx above. All of the women who have tried for years to be treated with respect in regards to men, jobs, etc. Too many will never change, they know what guys want and they use it to their advantage.


She's the best looking (so far). So many women willing to be playthings for the rich and famous. Sorry reflection on female values. Whoring seems to come naturally to so many of them.


Just in it for the money and the short lived attention, dont all these women of the night see how terrible it makes THEM look?


She's not making it up.


I was with him too. Anyone interested in talking to me? Holla at me - story goes to the highest bidder!!!!


seems kind of like women are just making things up for publicity now. i could get maybe the first few but really now?


this guy is going for some kind of record!


damn tiger ... fool be gettin a piece of everything that moves!

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