Jon Gosselin: Silenced!

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It's a Christmas miracle arriving two weeks early: Jon Gosselin has been temporarily barred from making public appearances by a Maryland court.

After TLC tore into him yesterday in the network's breach of contract lawsuit against the reality TV dad, a judge sided with TLC, at least for now.

The court ruled that the network's case against Jon was strong enough to put a preliminary injunction in place, forcing him to abide by TLC's rules.

That means no more interviews or appearances without TLC's permission. We don't suspect they'll be bending over backwards to grant it, either.

Everybody around the nation and world, throw your hands up and holla!


TLC has succeeded in making Jon Gosselin STFU. Legally!

TLC executive Edward Sabin testified against Jon on Thursday, saying the douchebag's recent actions - like hosting a pool party in Vegas, taking his girlfriend to France and talking to celeb gossip media outside of his home - were "embarrassing."

A rep for TLC said today that "The Court has validated our view that Mr. Gosselin has a valid, binding contract and that he has breached it repeatedly... we look forward to the next phase of the litigation, which is to pursue our claim for damages."

In summation, it looks like Jon's f--ked. We're sure you're devastated.


Jon is a nasty excuse for a man, rarely seeing his kids, and stealing from his kids' house account too. Tiger Woods has worked for his money and has the soul to stay away from the media, stay home and keep his mouth shut, stop his nasty behavior and become an honest man to his wife and kids. See, Jon, when a man has some class he knows how to be humble; and Tiger has done a very humbling thing in giving up his own life to mend his ways and spend the next months exclusively with his family. That's the difference between a man who values others, and a man who can only love himself..


Elaine where the heck have you been for months? Jon signed a contract with TLC that doesn't end until the end of February. Whether the show is cancelled or not, the contract is still in effect until the end date so yes, TLC has every right to control Jon until the end of the contract.By your using the term it's a dead give away the you are from the GWOP web site because they are the ones that hate Kate with a passsion and use the words Khate. That idiotic psychotic group promised to shut down their hate site once the show ended but they are continuing on their insane hate site dedicated to hating and having extreme jealousy of a wonderful mother of eight. Just boggles the mind that there is such a hatred site dedicated to hating a mother. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Sounds like they all need to get a life.


Sick of seeing this guy's mug!!


How is TLC holding him to a contract for a show that no longer exists? TLC just looks like a big bully to me. They hurt their own reputation by continuing this train wreck of a show long after it was clear it shouldn't be on the air. The Lurid Channel is its own worst enemy and they just look even worse going after Jon Gosselin, who is really a nobody. He will do plenty of damage to himself without TLC helping. He appears to have zero judgment in picking people to be around, and that includes his marriage to Khate.


Is he really gone??? Please let it be so!!!


I'm betting that Jonboy foolishly tries to sneak in an interview, claiming he 'didn't understand' how comprehensive the gag order is. He'll be held in contempt of court if he so much as f**ts sideways. This man must have been dropped on his head as a newborn. He shows no self-control, no discretion, no compassion, and is a terrible example to his children. Once they're grown and can read up on their dou*hbag dad, they'll hate him, as they should, for making their lives difficult and unhappy. Far as I can see, the only way for him to make amends now, is to take himself OUT of this world. Only when he's gone will those kids have a chance to lead normal, happy lives.


we all saw this coming....greedy jerk


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