Joanna Krupa: Naked for PETA, Jesus

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Joanna Krupa has a message for animals killers across the world:

Stop killing animals... or I'll keep taking my clothes off!

The model and former Dancing with the Stars contestant might wanna rethink her strategy. After all, we're not about to go stomp on any puppies - but Krupa's multiple, naked PETA campaigns aren't exactly turning us off to the idea, either.

Nude for PETA

The latest poster showcases the beauty's affection for animal adoption and canine safety. She says:

“We’re trying to spread the word that breeding isn’t the way to go. Somebody needs to put their foot down and stop this breeding and these puppy mills... [T]hey’re in these little tiny cages, and all they’re doing is breeding their whole life."

Hey, if a picture of Joanna Krupa nude, covered by a cross, doesn't stop this transgression, nothing will!

Joanna Krupa Nude

Joanna Krupa has made it clear: she'll keep getting naked until all the animals on the planet are safe!


Steve, I'm with you! Christians are sheep! Yeah, it's your hell, YOU burn in it!


About the best use I've seen for that xtian death cult symbol yet.


krystal: I think it kind of went downhill after a group of PETA women went on Howard Stern and got "blackmailed" into making out topless in order to save a lobster. Seems kind of predictable that something like that would happen.


hmm... I get the whole idea of having big names throwing their star power behind the PETA movement, and believe it or not, I have nothing against girls who get their clothes off to get noticed, but hasn't this all gotten slightly out of hand? I mean, the original "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign was a great idea - getting big name models, actresses etc to make a statement, but as more and more people keep stripping off 'for the cause', it's starting to reek of attention-seeking on behalf of the models. 'hmm, my google search count is down this week, what shall I do? I know, I'll pose naked for PETA again!' It's like posing for Playboy except everyone's supposed to respect you for it.


Any company this woman represents or any movie she's in should be boycotted. Someone needs to explain how showing off your body saves animals. It's downright stupid! All Christians should rise up and boycott her for her display with a cross!


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Joanna Krupa Nude
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