Joanna Krupa: God is On My Side!

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God gave Joanna Krupa incredibly good looks.

According to the supermodel - who is feuding with the Catholic League after the organization took issue with her naked use of a crucifix in a recent poster for PETA - the Big Man Upstairs also gave her the right to exploit religion for attention.

In an interview with TV Guide, Krupa admits this is her goal. Here's what she has to say on the controversial topic...

On the Catholic theme of her ad: When PETA approached me to do an ad again, my team told them we wanted to make sure the concept is controversial, sadly, because that's the only way to get your message out there. It takes controversial photos for us to think about pressing issues.

Otherwise, we would rather go on watching and debating Jon and Kate [Gosselin]'s financial fights or Lady Gaga's costumes, while millions of helpless animals are dying.

J. Krupa

On negative feedback: I was prepared to earn criticism and create controversy, but that was the whole point — to stir up emotions. To make people think, talk, discuss and direct attention to the horrific fact that millions of innocent animals are being euthanized each year.

On her beliefs: I, like many, see no clash or contradiction between a partially nude body and a cross. I am a proud Catholic and I am sure God is looking down shaking His head in disagreement with the Catholic League's comments.

Check out Krupa's racy, cross-themed ad NOW and take a side in this feud below:


well she's hot, smart, and has a heart.
anyone born like that would surely think god agrees with them too. lol


The good lord forgives so I would assume that he is on her side. Unfortunately, what she did is still as sacrilegious as anything that has ever been printed or put on TV. SAW: Bad vision and drunk? You must have either very high standards or you're gay. I'm going with the latter. Pak31: You would rather be smart than hot. Keep telling yourself that, whatever keeps you sane.


I'd rather be smart. level headed and sensible, do things that make a positive difference in the world, etc than be HOT. So what she's got a great body, woo hoo. When her time on earth comes to an end what does that have to do with anything?? She really needs to grow up and stop confusing world issues with taking her clothes off. If getting naked and being controversial is the only way to "get the message across" then that is really really sad.


She is hot if you have bad vision and are drunk.


PETA and Christianity are both pathetic bullshit.


Joanna's joined the ranks of those who think it's cool to be a skank so long as you profess to be doing it for Christian reasons. Nice try, no cigar.


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