Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Welcome Baby #19!

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC's now-inaccurately-named 18 Kids and Counting, gave birth to baby #19 last night after being rushed to the emergency room.

A rep from TLC confirmed today that "Michelle Duggar, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section."

No. 19 wasn't due until Spring, but at 6:27 p.m. yesterday, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed new daughter Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at just 1 lb., 6 oz.

Not only is Josie the youngest of the Arkansas family's children, but she's officially younger than her own niece, Mackynzie, the first Grandduggar born in October!

The Duggars

MAKE THAT 19: The Duggar family just got bigger!

Sources say Michelle is resting comfortably and that the baby is "stable" in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

"The most important thing is for Mom and baby Josie to rest," TLC's rep said. "The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

Congratulations to the new parents and Josie's 18 siblings! Here's wishing Michelle and Josie a full, speedy recovery after a joyous but traumatic experience.

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I agree with Georgi. God does not decide how many children we have, we do. Michelle and Jim-Bob have been acting irresponsibly and foolishly in having so many children. Our world is already over-populated causing global climate change and a host of other problems that would deserve more than an on-line comment. We ALL need to wake up and think before we have more children. We hear so much from the "green" movement about reducing this and reducing that, but we never hear about reducing population growth. For the record, I am a Christian and believe that God gave me a brain and expected that I use it. I have been recycling and taking the bus to work since the days when doing so wasn't "cool".


I happen to know this family and they are all well ajusted, kind, loving and very respectful to each other as well to everyone else.
They can have as many kids as they want, it's none of our business. They work very hard to make sure they can take care of all their needs without help from the state. Jim Bob and Michelle are wonderful parents who love each child as a gift from God. If more people treated each other like this family the world would be a much nicer place to live. Congrats dear friends on the newest baby. May God hold you all close to his heart as you both recover..


They are totally debt free, have a houseful of well mannered, well adjusted children who have more of their parent's attention then most households with 2 children receive....who has the right to tell them what to do. I am in awe by what they do. It is their decision .. Good luck to Michelle and baby Josie, God Bless and a speedy recovery.


The Duggars are just breeding for the sake of breeding...there is no reason or ryhme why anyone with sense would deplete their body having baby after baby, year after year! Senseless and stupid!ellielouwho is right....these people are just professional breeders, just like a puppy mill!!Stop already!! They should not have a reality tv show to justify thier freak show! Give people who make a real difference and have responsible morals a tv show...NOT THESE FREAKS WHO BREED FOR THE SAKE OF BREEDING...BTW WHEN IN HELL DO THEY GET TIME TO "fu*k"


I hope that everything is okay with this little baby and that she is able to be home with her family soon. It is so hard to have a sick baby. I will pray for them. Great middle name, my daughter is named Brooklyn :)


I watch EVERYONE of the Dugger's shows! I love the family! I intend to hit 20..


The newest baby will pay for the parents wants. It is easy for them to keep having kids, built in baby sitters. I do not see Michelle doing a whole lot of taking care of the kids or housework. All she does is breed. Maybe they should buy a tv, might keep watching tv and keep the population from growing.


It's amazing how the same people who say a woman should have the right to choose to abort a child, don't feel that Michelle should have as many children as she and her husband chooses, they are not asking anyone for anything.


This family needs to stop having children & enjoy what they already have - it's like an addiction with her to keep breeding, now they may possible have a sick child with a multitude of medical problems & mounting medical bills. Stop & smell the roses - how can you possible give all these children the attention they deserve.


"There really should be a law against this type of thing." There is...in CHINA! I wouldn't even try to do what they are doing, nor would I want to, but it's a free country. If it doesn't bother them, it doesn't bother me. I can think of worse things to do.

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