Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Welcome Baby #19!

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC's now-inaccurately-named 18 Kids and Counting, gave birth to baby #19 last night after being rushed to the emergency room.

A rep from TLC confirmed today that "Michelle Duggar, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section."

No. 19 wasn't due until Spring, but at 6:27 p.m. yesterday, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed new daughter Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at just 1 lb., 6 oz.

Not only is Josie the youngest of the Arkansas family's children, but she's officially younger than her own niece, Mackynzie, the first Grandduggar born in October!

The Duggars

MAKE THAT 19: The Duggar family just got bigger!

Sources say Michelle is resting comfortably and that the baby is "stable" in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

"The most important thing is for Mom and baby Josie to rest," TLC's rep said. "The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

Congratulations to the new parents and Josie's 18 siblings! Here's wishing Michelle and Josie a full, speedy recovery after a joyous but traumatic experience.

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all across the country every year we are all called upon help with coats , toys, school supplies, food , and so on ,I know some families are in genuine need but the ones who lost "Priority" their beer , cigs, drugs ,tatoos, piercings, oh and lets not forget the "cell phone" all come before the needs of their children , well I must say not one parent or person in the U.S. need open their mouth because if just half of those people would take lessons from the "DUGGAR's" well this world & would be a better place and there would be more loved and behaved chilren in this world!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WITH MORALS!!!!!!!


I pray baby Dugger comes home soon. As far as all here that say so many bad things it should stop. I wished I had had that many children. There are lots of women out there that just want to be a Mother as many times as possible. My want was always to be a Mom. I never wanted to seek any thing different.. I piosted yesterday but I don't see it. I gave birth and raised 5 children. Many years later by te grace of God I have two more through a marriage. I lost one of my daughters in a car accident July 28/01 a thing a Mother never gets over with..All my children are grown now I have 17 grandchildren and 4 great granddaughters and a great grandson due in Feb.. I am a Christian and love the Lord with all my heart.


From watching this show, it seems to me that the older children are practically raising the younger! I came from 9 children being the youngest and I can assure you that when I turned to anyone when hurt etc it was my older sister, not my mother. This I don't recommend - I feel like I have missed out somehow. Jim Bob should be ashamed of himself leaving this part of their marriage to his wife alone - he is taking her life in his hands and he will suffer from this. Maybe the doctors could snip-snip him - a great solution!!


these professional breeders need to be fined and jailed like any other puppy mill!! these idiots risk each child with every pregancy..stupid and selfish I would say! why is that the press has a field day with jon and kate and octomom but praise and publish postive things about these breeders? They are actually the same as any other reality family that have mulitple births then cash in with the reality angle..one day this too shall pass and thier 15 minutes of fame will fall and crash around them..like so many others...I say keep your pecker in your pants idiot and with 19 kids when do you get the time to do it? stop putting all the responsibility on your older children to look after the younger ones..if you actually had to parent, you wouldn't have so many children...like rats, you have had enough of a litter..time for the poison to stop this madness!!


i dont understand why everyone is judging michelle. she is a great mother and loves all of her children. probably alot better mother than half the people posting these things. something like this could happen to anyone at any time for any reason. its rude to assume that its because she has had 18 kids. unless your a doctor and have looked her and the baby over, i dont think you should be talking about her at all. if you need to say something, send them love and prayer.


Everybody needs to stop with the rude comments YOU do not pay their bills so stop talking bad about these people. My sister was that small when she was born and she is 15 now so to the people that said this baby won't survie you don't know jack shit and you need to get a life and stay out of other people's business.


oh my gosh god bless this lady for one haveing 19 kids my mom can barly handle a 23 and 12 year old still i wonder if this will be her last baby i hope so other wise she is going to have 200 before she nows it.


hopefully this foolishness will stop now.. if the duggars want more kids maybe they could consider some of the hundreds of children waiting for families in the fostercare system...they are god's will too, right? Oh but then again TLC might not be interested in something that was ethical.


Wow, up to 19 children now. Hell I live with my two nieces and they drive me insane I dont get how they do it, but they do. I hope that Michelle and Josie heal up and are out of the hospital soon.. Good luck with 19 children Michelle and Jim-Bob.


What does it matter to you people? The Duggars are wonderful parents, they have morals, they take great care of all of their children, financially they are well off so they pay for their kids- not the taxpayers, and their children are better behaved than 99% of kids that people are raising these days. I say if they can care for them and they feel that this is what their purpose in life is than more power to them! I think that most of us could learn quite a bit from the Duggars.