Jersey Shore Crew Pretends to Act Classy

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Ed Hardy t-shirts, diamond earrings and too much hair products have become the signature look of Jon Gosselin the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

"My personal style is fresh to death," says Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio. "You know the produce section, like where the food is fresh? That's my style."

That's one of the lamest Jersey Shore quotes we've ever heard, and it didn't even take place on the show. Hey, at least the tools are being themselves.

Last week, celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style embared on the difficult task of giving these up-and-coming reality stars a newer, classier image ...

Jersey Shore Crew

The gang was invited to ditch the shore and step onto the red carpet at one of NYC's most exclusive clubs, Greenhouse, with its dress-your-best policy.

There, they modeled some iconic Hollywood looks of recent years and they pulled it off like the pros - including Kim Kardashian - they were emulating.

"I like to walk into the room and have everyone notice what I'm wearing," says Nicole Polizzi, also known as the overly tanned and ridiculous Snooki.

That's what always happens, Snooks. But not for the reason you think.


Geez Ronald.....MTV and VH1 have been airing such distasteful shows for years now....This one is no worse than any other in the collection of their skin crawling,skanky reality shows. Some people are upset that the cast is made up of Jersey Shore regulars, American-Italians & wannabes. Why?!?! Are all American-Italians like this?? Isn't everyone different? These people are douches in their own right, that is what makes it so funny. The fact that an entire community is so upset at this one show, after they said nothing against the multitude of others (that are just like it); well, it screams hypocrisy and does nothing for their cause.


they still look lame and like they are from the jersey shore its like shoveling shit agianst the tide!

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