Jennifer Hudson: Pregnant Again!

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Another round of congratulations is due for Jennifer Hudson and fiance David Otunga.

Star magazine reports the pair is expecting another child, just four months after Hudson gave birth to her first son. Man, that singer's womb is working harder than over 14% of the population in the state of Michigan!

Crude jokes aside, friends say this pregnancy wasn't planned.

“Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby,” said a source. “She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages.”

Snack Trays

Jennifer Hudson's newborn will not lack for a good meal... if you know what we mean!

Despite the shock, Hudson and Otunga are treating the news like an early Christmas surprise.

“She and David love kids,” added the insider. “It’s another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays.”

We couldn't be happier for Jennifer and David. Join us in wishing this growing family the best!

** Update: Hudson's rep says: "Contrary to what has been falsely reported, Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant."


I think that if your stable jenn, go for it. you seem very happy with your new husband and your first child. i hope you have a happy healthy baby number 2.
And to dorra, who the hell are you to judge someone else. your probably just bitter because you cant get knocked up. If it was angelina or some other white actress you'd be all gun ho about it. At least she's married. get a life and let people be happy


jennifer hudson is one dumb woman to go get knocked up again this is too too too soon jennifer you had your frist baby four months ago. jennifer hudson please go get some help, because jennifer hudson your very crazy and careless.


CONGRATS to the lovely couple if it is true. Jennifer and her husband David is one very hot interesting couple. People have labeled her husband from day one. This is a very for real couple. There is nothing fake about David and Jen. I love this pair, and I hope everything works out between the two of them. They pretty much keep to themselves, and they don't live the hollywood life style. A very private and personal pair when it comes to family. One of the hottest black couples since Will and Jada Smith came aboard.

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