Jamie Jungers Jumps on Tiger Woods Mistress Train

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FORE! Or more accurately, four. When model Jamie Jungers goes public about her alleged affair with Tiger Woods, the golfer will have that many mistresses.

That we know of.

Jamie Jungers will tell her story of an affair she had with the world's top golfer in an article that will appear in a British newspaper, according to Radar Online.

Perhaps even more incredibly, TMZ reports that a separate Tiger Woods mistress, who it does not name, is lawyering up. That woman hails from Orlando.

Jamie Jungers lives in Las Vegas. That means we're at five chicks on the side, and counting - Radar says another affair will hit the British press tomorrow.

FOURSOME: Room for another? Move over Rachel, Jaimee and Kalika, because Jamie Jungers says she slept with Tiger Woods too! We doubt she'll be the last.

The parade of women formed ever since last week, when the National Enquirer outed Rachel Uchitel as the superstar's lover and opened the floodgates.

Uchitel has all but certainly been tied to Woods, although she will apparently not sell her story. Rumors of her taking a payoff from Woods are swirling.

Her story was considered the most damaging to Tiger, although Jaimee Grubbs and Kalika Moquin (who has not confirmed an affair) haven't helped.

Now Jamie Jungers will be featured in one British newspaper while a competing paper is set to tell the story of another Tiger mistress within days.

Do you believe her? We're a little suspicious, if only because unlike Tiger's first three mistresses, she's both blonde and cute. Doesn't really add up.

Then again, how can we doubt Tiger's prolific feats? Story developing ...


Elin had a lot of good reasons to beat Tiger with a golf club; too bad she didn't. He's a jerk!


Tiger's a sex addict.......What do you mean 'Take care of your Man'.....she was busy having his kids, and taking care of them, and walking the golf course during tournaments with him.....you know Tiger had to make it look like the home life is all perfect.....He's so over sexed he couldn't stay faithful during her pregnancies....he's a creep! Too bad this didn't come out when his Dad was alive......he would have busted his B_ _ _ _!!


His wife is waaaay prettier. This woman is common looking.






he does like the hooker look


I can't believe there are people here condoning what he did. To K, you have it all wrong, there is more to marriage than what happens in the bedroom. He should not have said I DO if he couldn't commit, isn't that what marriage is? Don't get married then. If he's single with no kids, then do what you want. THis is gross, regardless what these women look like. He did what he did, but they did what they did and now are talking about it like they have to. They don't, they just want to be famous and make money. Total worthless bimbos. And no... I am not "jealous"


Get ready for Tiger to plead he has a sex problem. The only way he can get out of this mess is to claim a gene problem or something.


People should not be blaming Tiger's wife, Elin, for his behavior. Did it occur to you that perhaps Tiger wanted marriage, with a wife and children, and the liberty to have affairs outside of marriage? He wants his cake and he wants to eat it, too. If he isn't happy with his marriage, he knows how to legally end it.


When Nike says JUST DO IT ! I don't think they were talking about sex Tiger. Tiger can now change his name to CHEETAH !

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