Jaimee Grubbs Pictures: Tiger's Tool Academy Girl

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Earlier today, Jaimee Grubbs, of VH1's Tool Academy quasi-fame, came forward to allege that she had been having a 31-month affair with golf great Tiger Woods.

She says that she met the athlete in Las Vegas back in April 2007 and have slept together at least 20 times since. Those of you doing quick math are correct:

April 2007-Right Freaking Now = 31 months.

In fact, Us promises that tomorrow, it will post a voicemail Woods left Jaimee Grubbs last Tuesday in which he says his wife, Elin, may have caught on to the affair.

Could it be that Jaimee was the mistress whose involvement with Tiger triggered Elin's wrath, and that Rachel Uchitel wasn't even involved (which she claims)?

Jaimee Grubbs rocks a red bikini in this recent photo.

While Tiger and Elin will not face charges after the incident last week - he crashed his car into a hydrant and a neighbor's tree after presumably fleeing his mansion in the midst of a nuclear fight with her - he's still got a lot of explaining to do.

That's assuming Grubbs is even telling the truth, of course.

Right now, it's all speculation. But if Us' voicemails and texts are valid - the celeb gossip magazine claims Jaimee's given them the goods - it could get really ugly.

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hey we all make mistakes tiger im not mad .leave the guy and his family alonelet him deal with his mistakes every1 chill


she ain't nothing but a gold digging slut and only good for taking shots to the face like jenna jameson


She's pretty hot. And the wife is looking kinda rough lately. Way to go Tiger. Never liked you but now I think you're doing things right. lol


Just another asshole who can't keep it in his pants


Hey Tiger did you put it in her butt and then she suck you off after that?


That bitch is ugly and so is the other Rachael girl. Cheating is completely wrong and i am so disapointed, but damn if your gonna do it , and you can get anygirl in the world atleast do it with someone that is worthwhile and a complete knock out. The point im making is Tiger likes to hit the slums with these girls, he's a Slumdog Millionaire!


Damn Tiger...why a skank? He could have anyone he wants and he went on with that???? Some girl from Tool Academy? If I was his wife I would furious that he cheated with someone that looks like she's been had....by many! I would also be making sure Tiger got checked and then scrubbed real good with disinfectant! If my boy ever cheats on me, it better be with a girl who is the BOMB! She better look like a victoria secret model.


What is done in darkness or secretecy always comes to light. Three years. Damn..I wonder did Tiger buy her Jewerly. Did he get her a tennis braclet. Isn't that what rich men buy their mistress. How many carats


if you will pay me thousands i will tell ya who all i have banged!


ok ok ok lets just step back and evaluate this situation? 1 waitress with a plan + 1 pro athlete = more bs to hear and read until christmas or the next dumbass celeb does something "news worthy" so here is my proposition chata you know chata? chata fuck up!!!!! really we are just making them more $ to tell their story? really who gives a shit