Jaimee Grubbs Nude Pictures: Coming Soon?

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Nude photos of Tiger Woods' mistress - the second one - have surfaced.

That would be Jaimee Grubbs. Anyone out there surprised at this point?

According to Radar Online, Grubbs, who revealed her affair with Tiger this week, is seen wearing only a thong in at least four photos that she took herself.

The alleged Jaimee Grubbs nude (or semi-nude) pictures were taken with a phone and feature the Tool Academy tool posing provocatively in the mirror.

Jaimee, who says she's had sex with Tiger 20 times since 2007, was the one who leaked a voicemail of Tiger Woods panicking about his wife finding out.

Rumor has it there's also a sex tape of Jaimee in existence. Tiger didn't co-star in it, unfortunately. It's unclear if that's real, but the pics? They sound legit.

In one of the new Jaimee Grubbs pictures that has surfaced but not yet been published, sources report she is seen from the front, topless and in a thong.

The photo is taken in a mirror and she is staring down into her phone, looking at the image. Another photo shows her from the back, also in the thong.

A third picture features Jaimee with her back toward the camera, while topless and wearing boy shorts imprinted with the words, "wish you were here."

Were these nude pics meant for Tiger Woods?

That's unclear, but the fact that he was there - 20 times, ohhhh yeah!!! - there has helped Jaimee make a lot of money by selling him out hard core.

The alleged waitress, who Radar says actually works in a medical marijuana store, is definitely the Tiger mistress most happy about her status. Idiot.


i wish i could kick this chick in the teeth


These mistresses are sisters of sodom.


You are just a roll in the hay, not the type of girl anyone would bring home to momma and marry! Remember that Jaimee, you are a cheap, dirty, opportunist who is proud of her actions and trying to cash in on them. Maybe you can star as a porn star with missing teeth! You are a DIRTY HO!


This girl was nothing more than a money "grub"bing little whore. She couldn't wait to run her mouth and spill her story to the world. Oh please and she said she felt sorry for Tiger's wife? How could she, she was sleeping with her husband~! These young women today are a very very poor example to the young girls growing up today. Everything is about how can I benefit by sleeping with this man~! We live in a sick society. And honey, the other two women were much better looking and carried themselves with a lot more dignity and class than you.


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