Jaimee Grubbs Claims Affair with Tiger Woods

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Looks like Tiger Woods has more than Rachel Uchitel rumors to worry about.

Us Weekly is reportedly planning to release a bombshell cover story about Jaimee Grubbs, a woman who claims she had a 31-month affair with Tiger.

Grubbs says she has voicemails and text messages to prove this.

The woman claims she met Tiger in Las Vegas in April, 2007. A 21-year-old waitress at the time, she says she and Woods began a long-running affair.

According to Us, Jaimee Grubbs has more than 300 texts from Tiger, who wed Elin Nordegren in 2004, and whose personal life is now under scrutiny.

Was Tiger Woods having an affair with Jaimee Grubbs?

His wife is being investigated by police for possibly abusing Tiger - allegedly over reports that he slept with Rachel Uchitel. She's not gonna like this!

The magazine, due out tomorrow, claims Grubbs had 20 sexual encounters with Tiger, and will include "photos, racy texts from Tiger, as well as a voicemail from November 24, in which Tiger suggests his wife might be on to the alleged affair."

It's still very possible this is all bogus, but you have to wonder. Could Woods be the latest seemingly squeaky-clean celebrity living a double life here?

Jaimee Grubbs has appeared recently on VH1's Tool Academy. If it's true she was tooling around with Tiger Woods, well, she better watch her back.

Elin can go pretty crazy wielding a golf club, after all.


who cares if tiger is like this great golfer, can't he show enough respect to his wife and children to at the very least get a divorce before pulling all this BS and putting them through all of this? It is a completely selfish thing to do. people just fall all over this guy, he is a guy, with great golfing skills, fine. a role model, absolutely not.


People need to understand one thing. The art is different from the man.Just because one is a great athlete, artist, businessman, does not mean they are great human beings.Case in point, Caravaggio is considered a great painter but does anyone know that he once killed a man over a game of tennis? Tiger woods is a great golfer and the people out there that think he is somehow a "role model" need to wake up from delusional fantasy land and join us all in this place called brutal reality.


If Tiger has been using his putter for more than golf, well he deserves to have is balls kicked by his wife and pay dearly for if. However, why don’t we treat the mistress as they are, Cheep sluts? Instead of rewarding them for their behavior. But know, the news and Hollywood pays big bucks to get the scoop like this and we wonder why these women want to sleep with celebrities, married or not. Hell in today’s world sleeping with a married man give you more media attention, so why wouldn’t they do it.


Jaimiee is a gimme girl tramp who once it was over decided stir it all up. Not defending Tiger, but she new the game she was playing and I think it shows how lo life the bitch is.


OK, so maybe Tiger cheated, maybe not. But do we really trust TMZ and the National Enquierer to make up stories about the personal lives of celebrities? Let's spend our time and money on things that matter!


No stopping these ho's from stealing men. All of them do the same. Flash their bangers and get the man. Men are dogs so it’s easy for them hos.


Every married women who has lived through deceit, betrayal and infidelity suffers more from lack of self-worth and the ability to trust than most men could conceive of. If true, Tiger's wife, Elin, never deserves this kind of betrayal and may have considered the 5 iron around the neck. My heart bleeds for her and the children.


Thats not her in the video!


So Tiger likes women? Or cheating? It takes two to tango. Maybe because his wife is a bitch? Swinging the golf club every time she does not like something? We'll never know what went on..and..SO WHAT?? Big deal! Who cares about his private life...Leave the guy alone!
He is a great athlete, that what matters. Stop trashing a great guy for being a human just like the rest oof us.Get a life!
You, who are so obsessed with the clean image are living in a fantasy world, or most likely doing the cheating yourselves.


Okay, you know what? The problem with women like Jammie Grubbs is they are TOO STUPID to know better. Women who have affairs or claim to have affairs with FAMOUS men need to learn that the quickets way to SEAL YOUR FATE is by running off at the mouth to a bunch of gossip mongering tabloid magazines!! NO ONE cares about Jammie the "mistress" or what she brings to the table, which is a big fat ZERO. The news media is going to EAT this stupid hefa up alive and by the time they are done with her, NO ONE will care about Jammie Grubbs!! Tiger Woods will survive this, he'll get out there and WIN the BIG Golf tournaments and he'll become one of the greatest athlete of the century.

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