It's a Boy for Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick!

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Pray with us, THG readers.

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to a boy this morning, prompting a nationwide need to stop, bow our heads and ask the Man Upstairs to look after this addition to the Kardashian clan. He'll need all the help he can get.

Levi McConaughey

Indeed, Kourtney and shady boyfriend Scott Disick are now the proud new parents of Mason Dash Disick - seriously, his middle name is the same as the family boutique - who arrived in Los Angeles weighin seven pounds and six ounces.

Confirmed Kourt's publicist, at approximately 12:30 p.m. EST:

"Kourtney just delivered a healthy baby boy about an hour ago."

Earlier this week, sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian said Kourtney thought her water broke because she felt some cold liquid on her leg.

Despite that faux pas, Kim believes her sibling will be a great mother.

"Kourtney didn't even like kids," Kim said recently. "I never thought she'd ever want to have a baby. [But now] I think Kourt's going to be the most amazing mom."

She'll certainly be the most amazing at pimping her child out on the cover of magazines. Look out, Larry Birkhead! You've got competition.

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I agree Scott get a JOB! support your child, When I watched the episode where scott and rob climb into the baby crib and scott says quote "IF I AM GOING TO SPEND $1500 ON A CRIB I WANT TO MAKE SURE IT HOLDS PEOPLE" OMG he is the biggest cheap dummy around. Kourtney will be spending the money on that crib scott I can guarantee that...and them going to Florida for the dash stores thats Great, then scott pop's off with "I Wanna Open a Club" Who's paying for that one????


Scott is so Gay..I'm waiting for the episode when he comes out of the closet already!


Kimberly, How can you give hugs and kisses after a comment like that? Do you work? Are you supported by your fathers money? What makes you so different and the supreme judge of the land deciding people's intentions? Do the world a favor and slap yourself across the face. Are you this supportive of your husband or has he left you long ago? Hmm...




What a joke,get over talking shit! Who cares if you dont think they look good together! She's hot and would out shine any man she's with!!! You people act like you live perfect lives, id love to see a video made of any of you... i guarentee people would have some shit to say about you! Their the most real of any reality shows and good for her for not caring about what any one thinks of her relationship, she's woman enough to stand by her feelings! Check your own lives... at least she doesen't let others run her life!


all i can say is that this so called nobody(Scott Disick) should get a job!!!!!!! and i agree he is GAY!!


Larry Birkhead is homosexual failed actor turned paparazzo who broke sperm donor contract with Anna Nicole Smith. He doesn't have a job for years. He sells pictures of Anna's child to tabloids. He is a healthy man aged 37 who doesn't have a job. Dannielynn Smith financially supports her father. Larry Birkhead is nobody, just a bum.


o so sweeet......but de don't look gud 2gether, i guess.....


Scott is gay, no one can tell me different, Metro sexual my toe he is HOMOsexual.


I hope the future for this baby does not include his father being around.
Kourtney will be a great Mom.
Now all she has to do is kick that lazy worthless boyfriend of her to the curb. He does not work, spends no time looking for a job.
I would say now she has 2 children to look after and yes he trapped her.
Scott likes the money her family has and the money Kourtney has from her late Father. Congrats to Kourtney and her Family.
Kisses and hugs from AZ!