Isabella Brewster and Milo Ventimiglia: New Couple Alert!

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Has Milo Ventimiglia moved on from Hayden Panettiere?

The Heroes star was spotted over the weekend with a new beauty on his arm: Isabella Brewster.

The sister of actress Jordana Brewster, Isabella works as an assistant as Creative Artists talent agency. She and Milo were seen walking around Santa Monica on Sunday, hand-in-hand, until the paparazzi scared them apart.

THG sources report that Ventimiglia is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. If he's happy, we're happy!


Is he single now? I read that Isabella is now dating the guy from The Big Bang Theory, I saw pics of her on the internet with him, Johnny Galecki?


So happy for them! She is beautiful and they deserve to be happy like everyone else! He is a lovely guy and I wish them happiness - He is better of without Hayden she is such a diva brat! X


she looks mean lol, no just kidding. I mean he's lovely, wish him the best :)


Apart from his dubious choice in girlfriends recently (Hayden was obvs a mistake), I've read nothing but nice things about this guy. Having met him a couple of times I can vouch for the fact that not only is he gorgeous, he's sweet and down to earth. He fixed my camera for me! Gotta love that. Hope this girl knows what she has.


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