Inside the Mind of Kalika Moquin: An Interview

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The latest alleged Tiger Woods mistress, Ms. Kalika Moquin, doesn't talk about her rolls in the hay with the golf legend in the interview below. Sorry.

Still, her Q&A with Las Vegas Insider tells us a little more about the club promoter-turned-mistress, in case anyone is interested in this woman.

Excerpts from this pre-Tiger Woods affair chat with Kalika below ...

Q: You didn’t start out in Las Vegas clubs. Where are your roots?

Kalika Moquin: I'm from Missoula, Montana. I grew up on the outskirts of town on a dirt road. Missoula was always too small for me. At some point I will probably go back but I had always wanted to work in nightlife.

Q: How did you actually get where you are in Vegas?

Kalika Moquin: I started as a promoter for Las Vegas Nightclub Ice, then I worked as a promoter for Pure, Tao, then the Light Group. There I had opportunity to take on responsibility as nightlife marketing director for Bare Pool.

SCORE! Kalika Moquin was one of Tiger Woods' many triumphs!

Q: What moments really stand out from Vegas night clubs?

Kalika Moquin: Meeting and having an affair with Tiger freaking Woods The first time I went to the Las Vegas Nightclub Rain. The feeling I got when I first walked in through that tunnel was unbelievable. I still get chills when I go there.

Q: What do you think the future will hold for you?

Kalika Moquin: I think eventually I would like to end up in New York. I'd like to live in New York in my 30's and by the time I'm in my 40’s, be back in Montana.

Q: What’s one thing people should know about you?

Kalika Moquin: I am a country music fanatic. I listen to more country music than anyone I know. I think I own every single country song ever written, ever.


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