Hugh Hefner on Tiger Scandal: Who Cares!?

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Lots of people were probably surprised when they heard Tiger Woods was cheating (relentlessly, it appears) on his wife and his children's mother, Elin.

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    millkdy@frozel yeah right there with you. I only been playing for three years, but I think I've been tgurohh a lot in terms of learning about the game. I used to practice so much and try to perfect my swing. Despite all the practices and time I put into game, my score was just stop at around 80. I was like okay I guess I'm not good at this game and pretty much stopped practicing. I just went out to chip and put from time to time. Guess what my score is so much better than before. Yeah you gotta enjoy.


    Hef looks pale. Did someone cut his balls off too?


    Dumb americans with hypocritical sexbehavior, resulting in unreflected adoption of british puritanism, resulting in porn industry of the world and at same time criminalization of showing nipples on TV.
    Tiger should have better ignore american outrage and laugh about it. All the world is laughing about America making it a national disaster.
    Instead of going to a sextherapy, Tiger should continue doing what he likes. Why the fuck does he care about any other dumb's opinion?


    Hef needs to call it quits and hang up his dried up balls.


    Hef looks like a bag of molten shit. WTF is he dead?


    Hef is the man! Tiger is just a guy like everyone else. Give the dude a break


    Not surprised that a pig would support another pig :-}}


    Oh Hugh,
    No wife is going to buy a razor for her husband for which you are paid to be the poster boy. (Tiger was the face of Gillette)
    No wife is going to want her husband to wear a watch for which you are the poster boy. (Tiger was in my Vanity Fair hawking some watch)

    If a sportsman wants the sponsors a "family man" gets, then it would behoove him to be a family man.


    I guess that's a pix of Hef at the morgue. How do they get that shit to stand? Is his corpse held up by ropes?


    oh fuck you, you dried-up old loser! You can't even get a woman you don't pay for!

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