Holly Sampson: Tiger Woods Mistress #7!

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Holly Sampson, a porn star from Los Angeles, has become the seventh woman identified as an alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, according to UK tabloids.

Despite her profession, Woods may rival Holly in terms of career sex partners the way this still-unfolding scandal is going. He's averaging like one a day.

The 36-year-old "actress" has not articulated specifics of the affair as of yet, but if her filmography is any indication, we imagine they were into kinky stuff!

Film credits of Holly Sampson include:

  • Descent Into Bondage
  • How I Did Your MILF
  • Diary of a Horny Housewife
  • Flying Solo 2 (featuring Carrie Prejean)
  • OMG Stop Tickling Me (Tiger's favorite) 

Holly Sampson nailed Tiger Woods. Who hasn't, though?

This news comes just after alleged Tiger mistresses #5 and #6, Mindy Lawton and Cori Rist, were revealed over the weekend. Talk about prolific boinking.

We should start a pool for what the final tally will be.

Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren, have reportedly undergone intensive couples therapy (i.e. prenup renegotiation) since his alleged affairs were exposed.

Let's just say she stands to make a lot of money off of this.

Mistress #8, who has allegedly surfaced in Orlando, but has not yet gone public with her name or details of an affair, should be doing so any second now.

We should hit double digits by close of business tomorrow.


Finally starting to see some quality,enough waitresses--effin billionaire banging $8per hr waitresses(Mindy Lawton)? You don't dip into Hefners/Trumps stables? No Playmates/Vicky Secret Models/Miss Universe? Elin should walk,screw (p)re-nup,back to Nordic land w/ few hundred mills,this is too much--but she stayed this long KNOWING--used to show up at tournaments unannounced/frantic--seems PGA/media rode Tiger all the way to the bank. Sponsors start bailing if more nasty details like Mindy's 6am church parking lot tales...talk about crashing/burning...WOW!


They're all lining up for their X-mas money


Kirsty Gallacher is probably being protected by News International which owns The Sun, The Times and the Sky TV network in the UK. She was a Sky TV sports presenter. There is also the fact that she is pregnant at the moment. Her father Bernard Gallacher was not a US Open winner but Captain of the European Ryder Cup golf team and he had been making comments last week himself to BBC radio ironically giving advice to Tiger! Has to be said that Tiger and Kirsty is not likely to be current in her condition!


He has a real jungle sex appetite. That why he is a golfer you have to have eighteen hoooooooooooooooooooos.lol TIGER you the man.


UK tabloids are reporting shit now lol


All girls want to shop. It's all about the shopping. Everything else is secondary.


QUESTION: How in the green grass of all the golf courses in the world did Elin not know about this for 5 years?


holy hell what a SLUT! (I mean Tiger ... at least this girl does it for a living!)


Will Tiger score plus 10 or over? That's what everyone wants to know.


DAMN... I hope so, her pics are SEXY!! I'm thinking of taking up golf again, the sport is going to be COOL now!

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