Hayden Wright, 4, Drinks Beer, Steals Christmas Gifts

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Forget the Grinch. Hayden Wright, a Tennessee four-year-old, stands accused of stealing Christmas presents from his neighbors, according to reports.

Hayden is accused of committing his holiday thievery after consuming a beer. Yeah, that'll do it every time. Happened to one of our interns last week.

He was found at 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday wandering the streets in a little brown dress that he is believed to have stolen from under a neighbor's tree.

The kid entered after he rang the door bell, took the dress, then moved on to another house. Nice of those first people to intervene and call for help!

Hayden's mother, April Wright, is going through a divorce from Hayden's father, who is in jail, and she thinks he may have been looking for his dad.

"He runs away trying to find his father," said 21-year-old April. "He wants to get in trouble so he can go to jail because that's where his daddy is."

Really, April? He's four! And was drunk at the time!

Here's a news report on poor Hayden Wright ...


How did the four-year-old get hold of a beer??? Of course the mom's to blame for that. Corporate Christmas Gifts


I found her on myspace and she doesn't strike me as someone who's very smart, to say the least. Why was she allowed to get married at 16 anyway? Maybe bad parenting just runs in her family. Hope her kids will have better luck than she does so far.


This mom may be chronologically 21 but she's maybe 12 mentally.
Take that kid away from her!


Erm, he's four....
And yes there's something wrong, his dad is in jail. My brother is in jail, and his 3 year old daughter who lives with me, I'm telling ya - she knows. She talks about it, she misses him, she gets angry and sad... It affects the kids more than you would think, even the small ones. So, I'm certainly not blaming the mother here. She should seek a shrink for her kid and herself, since he's obviously not dealing with the whole daddy jail thing very well.


Oops. I didn't watch the video. Love how the mom is oblivious to all of it. I have gone thru only 2 kids but never did they try to escape the home. EVER> Wake up call. This isn't normal, it's NOT out of your control. The boy's only 2. He shouldn't know to do all of this. Amazing.


I would LOVE to actually see the mom AND hear her talk, she's gotta be a winner. Isn't it great how an adult puts the blame on the child?? Scary.