Happy Birthday, Ali Lohan and Jordin Sparks!

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A pair of contrasting celebrities celebrate birthdays today.

First up, Ali Lohan turns 16. She's still too young to go clubbing with her screwed up sister or wear a bathing suit that exposes her cleavage - but, hey, at least she can earn her learner's permit in some states!

Ali is on record as saying she wants to follow in Lindsay's famous footsteps, so expect a solid, Mean Girls-like comedy from her in the near future; followed by a series of box office busts, drunk driving arrests and cocaine smudges on her nostrils.

For now, let's try to celebrate her quasi innocence while it lasts. Enjoy the photo montage below...

  • Lindsay's Sister
  • Ali Lohan Image

Jordin Sparks also celebrates a birthday today. The former American Idol champion turns 20.

She can't drink legally for another year, but we can all raise a glass in appreciation of this seemingly normal, grounded, talented singer. She's the anti-Ali Lohan in every possible way, even swearing off sex until marriage.

Send in your birthday wishes to Jordin - and to Ali, if you really want to - right now and click on the following pics of Sparks to enlarge each one...

  • Pic of Jordin Sparks
  • I Won
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What's Ali actually do to create such negative comments from you? No one has seen her drink alcohol in public or seen her strung out on anything or drunk in public, she doesn't say anything crazy to the media, doesn't really do anything crazy. She doesn't dress that provacatively. I don't think going to a club and dancing or wearing a bikini on a beach is that big a deal. Actually, Ali's been hanging out with Lindsay for awhile and it's Lindsay, Michael and Dina that create all of the negative news about the Lohans. Ali's been fine and fairly low key. Hope it stays that way.


congratulations to you JORDIN,long life and good health.And pls keep -up the faith 4 your husband.i will be praying 4 you.once again happy,happy, birthday to you.love! and GOD bless you! AJA.


love you jordin sparks


love you jordin sparks


love you jordin sparks my granny birthday on the same day. love you jordin


I wonder if Ali is jealous Jrky's figure.