Happy Birthday, Aaron Carter!

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He's dated Lindsay Lohan, danced with the stars, gotten busted for pot and been engaged for a week to the woman that starred alongside Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart in the couple's odd, quasi sex tape.

But Aaron Carter turns 22 today, so we have a message for the former boy bander: it's time to grow up.

No more dating train wrecks, smoking ganja or mistaking infatuation for love. A couple people out there look up to you, Aaron. Change your behavior and make them proud!

Send in your birthday wishes to Carter today and check out the following photo tribute to this handsome singer...

Carter Bro
Carter and Smirnoff
Flirty Partners
Pic of Aaron Carter

While the nation honors Carter - along with the anniversary of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks - today, the following celebrities also turn a year older:

NBA legend Larry Bird; All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens; and Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter. We wish them all a happy, safe birthday celebration!


happy 23rd birthday aaron!


Hey Aaron you made my friend who met you cry Why?


Hey Aron stop being mean to your little fans you make them cry


The chama this AaronWhore mad or you give it to yourself since(as,like) you are going to say that you want that aaron does(do) a sexual tape. Because you do not do it your, zaz really you give disgust...


He really really needs to be in a sex tape. I don't even care who he's boning as long as we get to see him naked, pumping and shooting we'll all be much happier people - and think how good he'll feel ;-) That should get his career back on track, er, um, ok, maybe that will *get* him a career...


Dear Aaron Carter, hi my name is Christa Pellicci i'am from Stamford Connecticut, and i'am 29 years old. many years ago we saw
you in the Seuscal play, but you were out sick, you must've been around, 12 years old my sister was like around 11. in Cloonan Middle school, my sister, had the hugest crush! on you back then
it's really amazing, how much you've grown for a little brother of a Backstreetboy oldest Brother Nick, he is really amazing.
anyways i just want to wish you a Happy Birthday mine is next
tuesday i'am on Facebook, so go under Christa and wish me a Happy Birthday i'll be the big 30 Your Number 1# Fan
Christa Pellicci

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Pic of Aaron Carter
The younger brother of Backstreet Boys member, Nick, Aaron Carter has made headlines for random reasons. He was engaged, for one week, to... More »
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