Hailey Glassman Tweets Defense of Alleged Apartment Ransacking

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When it comes to the recent ransacking of Jon Gosselin's apartment, Hailey Glassman would like to quote Shaggy: It wasn't me!

In response to allegations that she broke into her ex's residence and destroyed its surroundings like Jon destroyed his marriage, Glassman Tweeted on Friday:

"FYI that apartment everyone calls Jon's apartment was my apartment as well. We split rent!"

As for Hailey's future behind bars - as promised by Gosselin's attorney over the weekend - Glassman's lawyer tells a very different story:

"I think Mr. Heller went too far, saying that she's going to jail... She's not a suspect. She has not been arrested," Stephanie Ovadia told E! News. "She did nothing wrong."

Ovadia admits that security footage shows his client hauling away valuable items such as a big-screen television, but: "She only took what was hers."

No word if Jon's dignity was on that list.

Hard Ass Hailey

Meanwhile, two (horrible) people from Jon's past spoke to E! about the events and are on Team Hailey. Take it away, Michael Lohan and Kate Major!

"Something sounds very fishy to me," said Major. "Jon should focus on getting his own life together and stop trying to ruin other peoples' lives."

Et tu, Mr. Lohan?

"I have come to know Hailey and I do know her attorney. Stephanie is one of the most integritous people I know, and I have never known Hailey to lie."


THE STORY SAYS Hailey's Mom thought Jon was a great guy>>??
That is the part of this whole thing that is so wierd. Her parents know him because they helped Kate with a tummy tuck surgery. Kate and Hailey's Mom are friends..or so she says on TV in the episode where she is featured. ???? What is up with that?


She NEVER tweeted that " it wasnt her" dumb girl TOOK the TV. She just admitted it. And that leads EVERYONE to believe that she is the one who did all rest of the stuff too. She is pissed off and being 22 she acted like her real age of 13 and ruined his crap. What a loser she is. She knows she messed up otherwise she would be blowing up her twitter like she normally does. She is a horrible person. People need to look harder at her and not so much at Jon. He was in PA when this crap happened. What a freakin mess..........

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