Friend of Charlie Sheen: Actor Feels Awful About His Actions

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While Brooke Mueller was utterly wasted on Christmas Eve, when she was allegedly attacked by Charlie Sheen, the actor was also far from sober.

For someone that's battled substance abuse for years, this development is weighing on the sitcom star, a friend tells People.

"He let himself down by drinking," the source said, adding that "[Charlie] has two little boys and he does not want to get divorced again."

The latest indications are that Mueller feels the same way. Her lawyer says Brooke wants to save her marriage and move on from this well-publicized, terrible incident.

A Happier Time

But what about the fact that Sheen reportedly went after his wife with a weapon? His friend offers the following, questionable defense:

"Did he have a knife with him? Yes. It's a pocketknife that his dad gave him 22 years ago, which he always carries. It's not like he got a kitchen knife and went after her."

Hear that, police?!? It's not a crime if the knife you use against your partner is a family heirloom that's always on your person, right?


Why is everyone being so wishy, washy about this story. This guy is CRAZY! He should be in jail, period. He "accidentally" shot Kelly Preston when he was engaged to her, he has beaten several ex-girlfriends, he's made threats to Denise Richards and told their daughters that their mother was going to heaven. Someone needs to stop him before he really does become the next OJ Simpson.


Let Us Not Judge..........................


they are both imature, his ego bigger an his self control. Didn' he undestand when he married a much younger woman, tha domistic violence would be sure thing. Doesn't charlie remembr his stay in jail with O. J.. Wasn't Nicole dead? Just asking.


Stop advocating your pot use Cheryl. Marijuana is not the same stuff it was back in the '60s. it's pretty potent stuff now, linked to psychosis and schizophrenia, which IS linked to some forms of violence. Who knows, maybe they smoke it already? But if they don't, maybe it's because it's illegal and they have two young babies to look after? so they can't afford to be all strung out all freaking day or arrested for that, as well as domestic incidents. They are parents to two young babies, not carefree kids in college. I see where you're coming from, but it's a flawed logic. It doesn't help you to "chill out" in the long term. It clouds your judgement and reactivity skills and makes you paranoid, something you most certainly do not need when you're parents to young babies.


Many years ago I was involved in a domestic violence case against a very high profile celebrity. Once the victim makes a police report, especially backed up with the audio that would seem to justify the impression that she was in fact "in fear for her life", it's out of their hands. The prosecutor could very easily attempt to prosecute Charlie Sheen without her cooperation. My question, knowing Charlie, is why do they both continue to use alcohol? Marijuana is so much safer, it doesn't cause addition, it certainly does NOT inspire violence and it would help them to "chill out". On this New Year's Day, I sincerely hope that everything works out for the best and wish them peace in this time of such turmoil.
Cheryl Shuman
Beverly Hills, California


This guy has been thru so much bad stuff. What will it take for him to snap out of it and face reality? That is the sad part. He just can't change his ways.


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