Fascinating Adam Lambert Still Has No Regrets

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He hasn't officially apologized, but Adam Lambert has admitted that his performance at the American Music Awards went too far.

Still, when asked by Barbara Walters - during her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 special that airs tomorrow night on ABC - if he'd change the rauchy dance moves or same-sex kiss from that night, Lambert replied:

"No. No regrets."

He continued:

"To be honest with you, adrenaline is a funny, funny thing... I got really excited. You can't plan everything - if I did a performance exactly how I rehearsed it, it would be so boring."

That may be true, but it also would not have gotten Lambert banned from ABC for a couple events. He will be featured on the network twice this week, however: first, in this special; and the following morning on The View.

As for those that have judged Lambert, based on his AMA rendition, he has a message for the haters:

"I don't think that you can really...  jump to conclusions about me as an artist based on one performance. That's an ignorant thing to do."

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"I don't think that you can really... jump to conclusions about me as an artist based on one performance. That's an ignorant thing to do."..... Adam Lambert Really? Tell that to a judge on drunk driving cases.
We dont judge Adam as an artist, we judge him as a stupid performer.
What is he going to do next? Pump a goat on stage??


Adam, you are right. It's not fair to judge someone by one performance.. People makes mistake sometimes. The important thing is how to make it better and avoid to do the same mistake. You are a good singer, with a wonderful voice, no matter you are gay or straight, Music is music, sex is sex. I like you just because of your amazing voice. Your sex..? it's your own business..! Dont worry about the hater, coz millions of fans are still there...


Derek - even the greats had to start somewhere and assuredly made mistakes along the way. A year ago Adam Lambert was singing in bars and now every single move he makes is recorded, reported and analyzed. I understand why he is defending his actions - but he has also said that he got carried away and would work harder in the future to ensure that his stage performance matched rehearsal performances. It sounds to me like he is learning - give the guy some time. We have all made mistakes.


From Adam Lamber still no apology for obscene simulated oral sex, fondling of privates, giving the finger, kissing a man on national television. Tell me why is lewd and disgusting behavior rewarded with more air time, and praise? Something is terribly wrong with our world and the entertainment industry. God help us all. For shame Mr. Lambert. Why would you betray all of the youngsters and parents and grandparents that voted for you on a wholesome show American Idol, with a twisted and perverted show. You are a degenerate!


dude this guy makes gay people look really bad. if i was gay i would actually be offended by his fuckin over the top gay performance. for shame people.


Error - Brenda - I pray that you will be enlightened, (not enlightenment).


Brenda - with your foul mouth, you must be ugly. Just keep going and your mirror will reflect the ugliness of your tongue. What comes out of your mouth is the nature of your heart. It is dark. I pray that you will be enlightenment upon your realization when you look at the mirror. Then it will be too late.


Brenda - do you eat with that mouth? You certainly don't think with your brain. I wont feel sorry for you when you reap the hate you are sowing. Best wishes....




He's not one of the greats. Great performers are smart and savvy enough to tailor their performances for the audience. Adam obviously doesn't know that and hasn't learned from his experience. He's still thinking he's the center of the universe. I predict that if he does have any brains, he'll look back at his behavior now and admit he's being a tool.

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