Elizabeth Edwards Wants John to Support Rielle Hunter, Love Child

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Elizabeth Edwards wants cheating husband John to support his love child with Rielle Hunter, and even wants to meet the little girl personally, sources say.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth wants John to fully support the baby and even wants to meet John and Rielle's love child in person, The National Enquirer says.

While she's heartbroken over John Edwards' “second family,” Elizabeth is determined that the former presidential candidate avoid an ugly court battle.

“Elizabeth feels that above all else, John and Rielle need to put their differences aside,” a close source told The Enquirer. "This is very difficult for her."

“As much as she hates that John has a second family, she can't stand the idea of Rielle Hunter going public with all of their dirty laundry in court."

"She instructed John to have his lawyers call Rielle's people and say they're giving her what she wants. She's also going to meet Rielle's little girl.”

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

THIS IS AWKWARD: If Elizabeth Edwards meets Rielle Hunter and her daughter, that could lead to a lot of tense conversation. And hopefully a reality show on MTV.

Rielle is reportedly seeking $17,000 a month in child support from John, who she has never formally acknowledged is the father of her daughter.

John has admitted sleeping with Rielle but denies he is the father of Frances, who will turn 2 on February 27. But come on, most people think he is.

Elizabeth is apparently one of them.

“Despite her anger at Rielle, who she calls a stalker and a home wrecker, Elizabeth knows Frances didn't bring any of this about,” said a source.

“Elizabeth sometimes breaks down in tears when she talks about Frances. Once she said, ‘She needs a daddy. All children need their father.'”

Even if their father is a guy who knocked up some weird videographer while his wife battled breast cancer and he was running for president?

Maybe single motherhood is best sometimes.


Mariana is right. The tabloid story provides a date of the supposed meeting in Charlotte, NC but a local Raleigh TV station showed footage of Edwards leaving a private plane on a day trip to Upperville, VA that same day. He may be a cad but even he can't be in two cities 400 miles apart at the same time on the same day. Unless he has a twin?!


Elizabeth probably wouldn't sue regardless since she likely wants to spend her time focusing on her children, her business, etc. I wouldn't put too much stock in the tabloid article either. It's another paid story with "exclusive" photos of Hunter and the girl. The claim is Elizabeth told Edwards not only to pay up but to go see the child so he met with her in mid-December for the first time since the set up at the hotel in July 2008.


Perfectly said nc voter!That answered the questions!


RH delibertely plotted to interfere with another woman's family. She took a narcistic, self-centered, probably grieving father and told him the past didn't matter. He should live for the future and all the new age shit. The ignorant hillbilly fell for this "life coach" crap and from that point on all she had to do to guarentee a big payday was to spread her legs and blackmail this man. Due to age and multiple STD's that probably created a lot of scare tissue, I'm amazed she could get pregnant. I've often thought how unlucky a man has to be to get an old woman pregnant who has had multiple std's to deal with. JE must be furtile myrtle.


this man Edwards is such a sicko the stupid grin what made him think he could be president wierdo and the goldigger mumma who could blame her he was so on himself he didnt notice all he thought was she wants me I get better looking everyday well he fell in his own shit this time but the kids all suffer neither should be allowed to be parents bad example..


Thanks Jorden for explaining the law suits. Maybe RH doesn't have any money but a large judgement against her might prevent her from selling information to tabloids or writing a book or making a movie. If she owes EE and her kids a lot of money she may just shut up. EE and Cate could follow her around until she dies of natural causes to collect the money, if RH ever gets off of her butt and gets anykind of job. You know, like the Goldman's and Brown's follow OJ. She'd be in court proving her assests forever. Then maybe she will know what it is like to be stalked and have your life sold to the tabloids. BTW" Where is her tabloid money? She has to be living off of somthing or someone.


Ditto! Thank you!


Be right there. Thanks again Philly!


The person posting under all these names isn't going to provide an actual answer to any question you ask. I've run a search and can give you the lowdown on the IP address the person is using. Hop over to my private chatroom and I'll fill you in.


Alot of transparent people posting under all different names,how intelligent is that.

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