Elizabeth Edwards Wants John to Support Rielle Hunter, Love Child

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Elizabeth Edwards wants cheating husband John to support his love child with Rielle Hunter, and even wants to meet the little girl personally, sources say.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth wants John to fully support the baby and even wants to meet John and Rielle's love child in person, The National Enquirer says.

While she's heartbroken over John Edwards' “second family,” Elizabeth is determined that the former presidential candidate avoid an ugly court battle.

“Elizabeth feels that above all else, John and Rielle need to put their differences aside,” a close source told The Enquirer. "This is very difficult for her."

“As much as she hates that John has a second family, she can't stand the idea of Rielle Hunter going public with all of their dirty laundry in court."

"She instructed John to have his lawyers call Rielle's people and say they're giving her what she wants. She's also going to meet Rielle's little girl.”

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

THIS IS AWKWARD: If Elizabeth Edwards meets Rielle Hunter and her daughter, that could lead to a lot of tense conversation. And hopefully a reality show on MTV.

Rielle is reportedly seeking $17,000 a month in child support from John, who she has never formally acknowledged is the father of her daughter.

John has admitted sleeping with Rielle but denies he is the father of Frances, who will turn 2 on February 27. But come on, most people think he is.

Elizabeth is apparently one of them.

“Despite her anger at Rielle, who she calls a stalker and a home wrecker, Elizabeth knows Frances didn't bring any of this about,” said a source.

“Elizabeth sometimes breaks down in tears when she talks about Frances. Once she said, ‘She needs a daddy. All children need their father.'”

Even if their father is a guy who knocked up some weird videographer while his wife battled breast cancer and he was running for president?

Maybe single motherhood is best sometimes.


The first thing Elizabeth did when the heat was on was run to the despicable 'Daily KOS'. She threw in her lot with radical lefty bloggers, people who hate America. Crisis is when one's true colors come out. Elizabeth may be more of a gold-digger than Rielle. Nevertheless, I pray for Elizabeth and her health.


Hunter has to let Elizabeth be in her child's life if she wants John's money. That the way it works when you get knocked up by a married man! Maybe she thought Edwards was going to leave his wife for her (which shows what an idiot she is) but by not waiting for him to do so before getting pregnant, she sealed her own fate. Besides she won't care who is in the kid's life as long as the checks are good. Elizabeth knows both her cheating husband and his slut are responsible but the child shouldn't be punished because her parents are fools. At least Elizabeth is putting the girl first but it's too bad she is the only person doing so.


Elizabeth E. does need to shut-up! John and Rielle are both to blame!! Wake up Elizabeth-Your husband is a LYING CHEATING HOMEWRECKING DOUCHEBAG!! STOP blaming only Rielle!! Elizabeth is to blame too-she is still with John!!


Rielle should not let Elizabeth near her child-Elizabeth has no right! Rielle should get child support from CHEATING DISGRACEFUL John!! It is between Rielle, the mother and John E., the father-NOT Elizabeth!!


Maybe single motherhood is best sometimes. Amen! Can't you hear Edwards answer when the girl eventually learns the whole story and asks him "Daddy, why did you say I wasn't yours?" Well, Quinn. Your mother is a tramp so I wasn't sure if you were mine or not but even if you were, your existence ruined my career and my real family not to mention the entire world knew what a loser I really am. I only 'fessed up because your gold digger mother threatened me with a nasty court fight. So I'm stuck with you and you are stuck with me. Get over it kid! The child support better include enough for some extremely expensive therapy for the girl.


Elizabeth Edwards is pathetic, a hypocrite, and is scared to be on her own-coward-no guts! She could leave him and survive, but is chicken! Elizabeth should shut-up-she is NO better than they are-shameful!Elizabeth gives women a bad name!!


Reille should get no more than welfare wage benefits for that child. The ho is a no good whore to take up with a married man.
. As the t-shirt saying goes"Men are like floor tiles. Lay them
right the first time and walk on them for life". Reille knew he was married. Elizabeth should not make it easy for her or the baby. Put yourself first Elizabeth. Don't burden yourself with the two trash heaps one of whom you are married to. I only feel sorry for your three living children. Nothing for the ill begotten child of the whore.


Rielle smells! Guess it's the stench that oozes from between her legs. Can you clear that up with a pill or does it require an injection?


Elizabeth is the most extraordinary woman ever. You go girl! Don't let the jerks get you down. Your husband was an idiot to get involved with the whore but whether you stay or go is up to you. Just don't let the whore anywhere near your kids--they've been through enough already.


Don't blame the victim (Elizabeth) - blame the "criminals" (John and Rielle)! Most people would leave such a slimy cheating spouse but either Elizabeth is a better person than most people or is in an untenable position because of her health and feels she can't. Either way, God bless Elizabeth and let her outlive both her disgusting husband and his skanky cooze!

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