Elizabeth Edwards Wants John to Support Rielle Hunter, Love Child

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Elizabeth Edwards wants cheating husband John to support his love child with Rielle Hunter, and even wants to meet the little girl personally, sources say.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth wants John to fully support the baby and even wants to meet John and Rielle's love child in person, The National Enquirer says.

While she's heartbroken over John Edwards' “second family,” Elizabeth is determined that the former presidential candidate avoid an ugly court battle.

“Elizabeth feels that above all else, John and Rielle need to put their differences aside,” a close source told The Enquirer. "This is very difficult for her."

“As much as she hates that John has a second family, she can't stand the idea of Rielle Hunter going public with all of their dirty laundry in court."

"She instructed John to have his lawyers call Rielle's people and say they're giving her what she wants. She's also going to meet Rielle's little girl.”

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

THIS IS AWKWARD: If Elizabeth Edwards meets Rielle Hunter and her daughter, that could lead to a lot of tense conversation. And hopefully a reality show on MTV.

Rielle is reportedly seeking $17,000 a month in child support from John, who she has never formally acknowledged is the father of her daughter.

John has admitted sleeping with Rielle but denies he is the father of Frances, who will turn 2 on February 27. But come on, most people think he is.

Elizabeth is apparently one of them.

“Despite her anger at Rielle, who she calls a stalker and a home wrecker, Elizabeth knows Frances didn't bring any of this about,” said a source.

“Elizabeth sometimes breaks down in tears when she talks about Frances. Once she said, ‘She needs a daddy. All children need their father.'”

Even if their father is a guy who knocked up some weird videographer while his wife battled breast cancer and he was running for president?

Maybe single motherhood is best sometimes.


I think it would help Elizabeth's health to meet reality: John Edwards is a lousy spouse to her and a bad father, even to his illegitimate kids... Staying with him would give anyone lethal CANCER!! Between the Tiger Woods' scandal, the Sheen case, etc...you have to wonder how rare it is these days to find and keep a good, normal man. So many twisted fakes!...


What a mess.


Thanks for saying it Hunter is a slut! What are you mad about Rielle? Elizabeth is saying you should get all the money you want. Since it's only about the money for you, why don't you shut up and go away to count your cash? You are more of a loser than John and that's saying a ton!


Oh Rielle stop posting as "Keep EE away" "look in the mirror" "negative Elizabeth" and "bad influence Elizabeth"! You went after a married man and got pregnant, probably on purpose. That means you have to deal with the wife. If you didn't want that, you should have kept your legs shut or gone after someone who wasn't married.


Elizabeth should NOT meet Rielle's daughter!! John WON'T admit it is his own daughter, so why should Elizabeth see her?! Elizabeth is NOT a good influence-she couldn't leave her husband-she supports lying, cheating, and stealing money! Zip it Elizabeth!!


It is unbelievable that a woman dealing with stage 4 cancer can not only handle all of this but put the interests of a child other than her own first. She is awesome. May she live long enough to raise her children and enjoy grandchildren.


Why does Rielle need money for alcohol and tobacco for her 2 year old? The child should be taken away from her. If Elizabeth is willing to raise the girl, she should be given the kid. Otherwise, find a loving couple who can't have a child of their own to raise her. A parent isn't someone who can make a child but someone who can raise a child. That isn't Rielle or John.


Hunter better take whatever money she can get. Edwards may have some money in the bank but half of that is Elizabeth's. Edwards doesn't have a job or much potential for getting one. Hunter doesn't have a job or much potential for getting one. (The only "skill" she seems to have is illegal in most places.) Elizabeth continues to speak and write and consult and run a business. She's smart enough to make sure her husband can't get at the money she's earning.


Elizabeth should have left John-but she is a coward and chicken-NO backbone! Elizabeth has NO right or need to be in the child's life-that is between Rielle and John-they are her parents-NOT Elizabeth!!


Who is to blame? Rielle for spreading her legs for every man she meets and John for banging her when she did so. Who is not to blame? Elizabeth, her children and the illegitimate daughter. Who is paying the greatest price? Elizabeth, her children and the illegitimate daughter. Life isn't fair but some things are beyond belief. Elizabeth should get a dull rusty knife and give John the "Bobbitt" treatment. Rielle should get an STD - oh wait, that has already happened to her. Maybe her vagina will collapse.

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