Elizabeth Edwards Wants John to Support Rielle Hunter, Love Child

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Elizabeth Edwards wants cheating husband John to support his love child with Rielle Hunter, and even wants to meet the little girl personally, sources say.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth wants John to fully support the baby and even wants to meet John and Rielle's love child in person, The National Enquirer says.

While she's heartbroken over John Edwards' “second family,” Elizabeth is determined that the former presidential candidate avoid an ugly court battle.

“Elizabeth feels that above all else, John and Rielle need to put their differences aside,” a close source told The Enquirer. "This is very difficult for her."

“As much as she hates that John has a second family, she can't stand the idea of Rielle Hunter going public with all of their dirty laundry in court."

"She instructed John to have his lawyers call Rielle's people and say they're giving her what she wants. She's also going to meet Rielle's little girl.”

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

THIS IS AWKWARD: If Elizabeth Edwards meets Rielle Hunter and her daughter, that could lead to a lot of tense conversation. And hopefully a reality show on MTV.

Rielle is reportedly seeking $17,000 a month in child support from John, who she has never formally acknowledged is the father of her daughter.

John has admitted sleeping with Rielle but denies he is the father of Frances, who will turn 2 on February 27. But come on, most people think he is.

Elizabeth is apparently one of them.

“Despite her anger at Rielle, who she calls a stalker and a home wrecker, Elizabeth knows Frances didn't bring any of this about,” said a source.

“Elizabeth sometimes breaks down in tears when she talks about Frances. Once she said, ‘She needs a daddy. All children need their father.'”

Even if their father is a guy who knocked up some weird videographer while his wife battled breast cancer and he was running for president?

Maybe single motherhood is best sometimes.


ItdXZQ Very true! Makes a change to see smeoone spell it out like that. :)


Wow, so John Edwards had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles?That's who she looks like! She's a human camel, too.


She invested 30 yrs with that man, she's not going to leave him.Be realistic wit the situation. A wife knows when her husband is having a affair, she knows when her husbands pattern changes. Maybe thats why she's able to handle this situation with dignity cuz she knew the whole time without him confirming everything. As long as a affair is kept quiet inside of their home a wife can hide it, but when it gets out it's a embarressment. Rather if its in politics or not. Its one thing to know but another for the whole world to find out. My heart goes out to her. Be strong it will all seize in a timely matter.


Hunter is an ugly horse faced ho. Edwards must have been stoned out of his mind to bang this scab like thing. One ugly bitch.


Elizabeth Edwards needs a shrink - and fast!!!!


Apparently Hunter was an NC resident while she was living with Young and his family; although, it doesn't matter whether Hunter was an NC resident since John and Elizabeth Edwards were. It can be difficult to determine how much of some expenses are for the child and how much for the mother such as your example regarding housing. Still most courts would expect the mother to contribute something to expenses that benefit both of them. Instead look at other things Hunter wants. Some of them are clearly for her: $1,200 a year for alcohol and tobacco had better not be for the child or she'll be investigated for child abuse!


I was trying to think of a better way to explain what I was attempting to say. Let's say you and your spouse live in a state that doesn't have the same laws as NC. Your spouse and a co-worker (who lives in the same state as you) go to NC on a business trip and have a one night stand there. You can't sue in NC under their laws just because the act took place there. If you (still living in another state) went to a hospital in NC for surgery and it was botched, you could sue in NC. Always complicated and the complications help keep lawyers in business!


Gifts may not be taxable to the recipient but child support is. Hunter is going to have hefty tax bill each year on over $200,000 in annual income.


What does a 2 year old need 17,000 a month for. Her mother is using her child. Elizabeth is a strong person who people should respect. John Edwards is the villian here, how could he have an affair while his wife was battling breast cancer.


Yeah, I did read he is moving furniture now. That's funny, too. Do you have any more quotes from the cooze's website? I'd love to see more. Nothing like starting the year laughing. She seems to have washed the internet of her site. I'd sure like to know how some people can do that, and others can't Phillies Fanatic, how do I reach you by PM or go to your website? I feel like I'm out of the loop. :) You are one of a few posting good comments. Thanks.

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