Elin Woods to Jaimee Grubbs: You Know Who This is!

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In the voicemail from Tiger Woods she received and sold to Us Weekly, Jaimee Grubbs was asked to change her greeting because Tiger's wife might call her.

Looks like that ended up happening, all right.

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On November 24, Tiger left a message for Jaimee, asking her to get her name off of her outgoing message after his suspicious wife went through his phone.

On cue, Elin Nordegren placed an angry call to Grubbs, the second in what has become a series of Tiger's alleged affairs, confronting her about the romance.

Here's how sources say it all went down:

Last week, Grubbs bragged to co-workers at the Stone Rose Lounge in W. Hollywood, where she works, claiming she was having an affair with Tiger Woods.

Friday, the day of Tiger's crash, Jaimee Grubbs went to work, but later in the evening, said she received a call from a blocked number, which she answered.

Jaimee then asked who was on the line. The caller, a woman, did not identify herself but said, "You know who this is because you're f**king my husband."

Well, that would sum it up.

As for why Tiger was hitting that, one has to wonder ... why leave a voicemail? Or send text messages? And has he not seen Elin Woods pictues? Or the real thing?


Woods was linked to Grubbs, who has provided the hardest evidence of an affair to date, after being linked to Rachel Uchitel but before Kalika Moquin.


How incredibly disappointing for someone like Tiger to do this. WHAT WOULD YOUR DAD SAY TO YOU??? Guess it shows that it doesn't really matter what a man's wife looks like ... Elin is stunning! So is Elizabeth Hurley, Sienna Miller, Christie Brinkley etc etc. The public has seen enough men over the last couple of years who have cheated on their wives. But until other women stop making themselves available (physically or emotionally) to men who are married or in a relationship, men will keep doing this because there are plenty of incredibly stupid women who offer it up for free. And they don't give a rat's behind who their selfishness will affect. Karma will come back to bite you in the behind every time!! Men, wake up! Next time you want to s#$*w someone other than your wife just imagine that your children are right there watching you. Be a man, get a divorce FIRST.




Erin don't worry you are so hot and are going to get so much money from this piece of trash you married. Those women are trash and you are class!!! Don't forgive him and think he can change because he can't. He is a narcissist and only cares about one person "HIMSELF". Did he care about his children, you or his investors? It's not like he bonded with someone and fell in love with them. Nope, he wen't on to bring another child into the world while he was..... some piece of trash. I have no respect for this man and never will. To blatantly cheat on your wife like this is pathetic. Tiger you are a spoiled child.......


Tiger is a superstar, rich and famous, beyond imagination. He is also a role model, like it or not. Yes, women must throw themselves at him every time he's away from his wife, but he didn't have to get married if he wasn't strong enough to refrain from sexual relations with multiple partners. He has humiliated his wife and wrecked the stability of the lives of his children. I wonder what they will think of him when they watch news reals of his life story, in the future. My son idolizes Tiger and I am deeply disappointed that he has shown such weak and selfish character. The lying, the conniving, the phony image..... it all makes me sick. The only good thing is that his wife had the strength to stand up to him, wack him in the face and run his ass down with a golf club.


Why on earth would someone cheat on such a beautiful woman as Elin is? What an idiot! I hope she punishes him good!!! And the poor children.. I can't imagine how she feels. Good for her to beat him up with a club, I just hope she beat him up good enough!


Tiger has to be the dumbest man on the planet ELin is so much hotter - if he want something else the sister is hot too not these sluts no wonder she nailed him with a club


Look in the mirror b4 you point your fingers at Mr. & Mrs. Woods.


sorry but Jamie Grubbs is a DUMB BITCH. tiger set himself up for it but she still went out of her way to hurt his wife by selling her story like this. SLUT


Grubbs by name and Grubbs by nature, ew yuck. Media has cited her occupation as a "cocktail waitress"? Oh the bloody irony, its just gets better every day. To think a golf club and a waitress brought down a Tiger, who'd a thought! Roll on tomorrow.


haha omg i was thinking that when she was holding up the 2 and the 4 haha kinda off putting lol, and she already said that his wife never called her so that story is bs. and this chick is a sleez she says she no longer answers her phone and is trying to keep up beat, well had you not sold your sex life to a tabloid then you would be just fine hunny so she gets no sympothy here she started hooking up with im in 07 and he was married in 04 and there is no way she didnt know that, sooo stick to tools cuz they are the only ones that would allow you to stick around!

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