Double Standard Debate: Pink Pulls an Adam Lambert... in 2004!

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It doesn't take much to realize that Adam Lambert is being unfairly singled out by ABC.

The network has now canceled appearances by the artist on two separate occasions, following an American Music Awards performance that was racy and controversial, sure; but not worthy of such an extended punishment.

In fact, our loyal readers have directed us to a 2004 clip of Pink at the Billboard Music Awards.

During her rendition of "God is a DJ" below, the singer crosses herself, grinds against the set throughout and thrusts a dancer's face into her crotch... the same exact move that has landed Lambert in such hot water.

Was there any sort of backlash against Pink? No. Did any network bar her from appearing on it? Not even close.

Lambert also got into trouble for kissing a male musician during his performance of "For Your Entertainment."

But as numerous outlets have pointed out since, Britney and Madonna's kiss in 2003 has been replayed for years, not censored immediately.

We know what many critics will say: they simply don't wanna see two men kissing on stage. They find it disgusting. Anyone is entitled to that opinion, but let us ask this in response:

Would you have been equally appalled if Susan Boyle and Billy Joel made out in public? The thought of elderly, overweight members of the opposite sex going at it isn't exactly appealing. But we doubt viewers or networks would react to such antics in this sort of negative matter.

Lambert's situation is an example of homophobia, plain and simple. Do you agree? Leave a comment with your thoughts and answer the following question:

When it comes to Adam Lambert, do you think there's a double standard at work?


Susan Boyle at 48 -- is elderly??? I'm not even sure 60 (Joel's age) is that!


Hey Hellion - What if you're a heterosexual male that isn't a close-minded bigot?


Since when is homophobia illegal? There is huge differences between Pink and Adam Lambert. 1. Pink's music is somewhat catchy and decent - Lambert's music, on the other hand, is just flat out garbage that relies on provocative stage antics to garner any kind of attention. I don't recall him having a hit song? 2. Pink hit it big because her music was in demand. Lambert made it as a runner up on American Idol (an overrated talent show that has produced culture deflating hacks like Rubeun Studdard and the guy with the grey hair). 3. Pink is more appealing to heterosexual men who make up roughly 95% of all men while Lambert is appealing to gays and prison inmates. PS - The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to be fair to everyone. Since heterosexuals make up a dominating majority of the population then TV is going to broadcast what they want to see. Case closed.


I am SOO glad you posted PINK's video. If Pink can do it, Adam can too. He is so much better singer then Pink and does his preformance justice. I don't think AT ALL that Adam went too far. He is an artist and acted the lyrics of the song. I see a HUGE double standartd. Americans are HOMOPHBICS!!!! ABC makes a huge mistake cancelling Adam's concerts. They Jusy TOLD the world what Adam is saying all a long. "YES THERE IS A DOUBLE STANDART IN THIS COUNTRY WHEN IT COMES TO GUY MEN". Adam becomes more and more popular all over the world, where they are NOT HOMOPHBICS, and actually appreciate great music. Adam is going to be HUGE!!! he is the talk of town. Love Adam Lambert!!! Going to meet him on the 13th in Tampa Florida. If you are from FLORIDA. Adam is hosting the Gingle Ball at the FORUM. Can't wait to meet him. My IDOL!!! America, wake up!!


Females defend act like adam lambert because they don't have a strong sense of repulsion to the male body. The average male naturally finds this kind of act extremely gross perverted.


Both trashy, neither performance should have aired on a regular network channel. Cable is the place for porn, whether simulated or real. It's still true that there's a time and a place for everything, even if the socially-challenged aren't able to recognize that.


Fox is not a cable channel. It is a national network TV station, just as ABC is. Exactly what are the differences between the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards? They're both televised awards shows that invite popular artists to come perform their music. Artists are free to stage their performances for both shows. Also, the AMAs came with a TV-14 rating. Maybe you should have looked at that beforehand and decided it may be inappropriate for children to be watching. There were several racy performances that night. Use your own discretion. Lastly, Adam's performance was at the very end of the program, close to 11 pm. FCC does not monitor for content past 10 pm. ABC didn't have to worry about getting fined.


Honestly, this is inappropriate, too. Pink is a trashy girl. This performance should have been addressed. I think fox has different standards (ie:family guy, simpsons, etc)...and everyone knows this. Fox was a cable channel, too. They have become a mainstream network news source and primetime viewing outlet for many....but the Billboards compared to the AMA's....really!! The standards of each event are polar opposites. The fact remains that what Adam did, on the show that was rated for family viewing, was inappropriate. If they had issued a warning to the viewing audience, prior to airing would have been acceptable. They just did this on this respectable program, during a family rated special event. IF you cannot see this, that is your own simply is a fact.


Move on ABC. You're setting a bad example for the progression of American culture. The rest of the world is laughing at you for being so lame.

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