Double Standard Debate: Pink Pulls an Adam Lambert... in 2004!

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It doesn't take much to realize that Adam Lambert is being unfairly singled out by ABC.

The network has now canceled appearances by the artist on two separate occasions, following an American Music Awards performance that was racy and controversial, sure; but not worthy of such an extended punishment.

In fact, our loyal readers have directed us to a 2004 clip of Pink at the Billboard Music Awards.

During her rendition of "God is a DJ" below, the singer crosses herself, grinds against the set throughout and thrusts a dancer's face into her crotch... the same exact move that has landed Lambert in such hot water.

Was there any sort of backlash against Pink? No. Did any network bar her from appearing on it? Not even close.

Lambert also got into trouble for kissing a male musician during his performance of "For Your Entertainment."

But as numerous outlets have pointed out since, Britney and Madonna's kiss in 2003 has been replayed for years, not censored immediately.

We know what many critics will say: they simply don't wanna see two men kissing on stage. They find it disgusting. Anyone is entitled to that opinion, but let us ask this in response:

Would you have been equally appalled if Susan Boyle and Billy Joel made out in public? The thought of elderly, overweight members of the opposite sex going at it isn't exactly appealing. But we doubt viewers or networks would react to such antics in this sort of negative matter.

Lambert's situation is an example of homophobia, plain and simple. Do you agree? Leave a comment with your thoughts and answer the following question:

When it comes to Adam Lambert, do you think there's a double standard at work?


i'm a huge adam fan and think the fcc and abc are ridiculous - but pink's performance was censored in the u.s. the uncensored clips are from other countries.


both were too extreme for tv i like both pink and adam but way too extreme :)


Did everyone know that For Your Entertainment is a song that is written by PINK, but she discarded it from her cd's and landed in Adam's lap, with PINK's approval? Please, google it. It's right there.


Dear "for real tho," what the heck are you talking about? This article is saying it should be the same for everyone, that's all. Punish Lambert and Pink, or punish neither. If it's not okay for a 15-year old to watch men simulate oral sex, as you believe, is it okay for a 15-year old to watch a man simulate it on a woman? As for the "freedom of the masses that find this offensive," here's a crazy idea: turn the channel! No one makes anyone watch anything. I'm incredibly offended by the awful show that Heroes has become and, therefore, I don't watch it.


So, you think it is alright for your 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old son or daughter to watch 2 men simulating oral sex, really? Not to mention the rest of the world that finds this inappropriate, they should put their moral code aside so perverse people can have the freedom they don't defend for others?!!? See the hypocrisy!?!? You excuse it by saying, it is out there and we need to accept is about sexual expression and freedom, what about the freedom of the masses that find this offensive? They mean nothing, because you want to have your freedom of expression?!? Hell no....I don't have to say "alright" to this crap. It was not after 10 in my time zone, when it aired nor is it in the norm of this awards show to stoop to such desperate sexual is unacceptable. Shame on you for not defending everyone, not just the pervert...


honestly, I think it all depends on the context it is in. Adam was peforming a hard core (sort of) rock song, and he is a "rock star", and in that context it tends to come off as more degraded and raunchy, then say, if maybe JT did the same, you know??
Also, a penis is a little different than a womans crotch. A blow job is worse in society's mind than oral sex on a woman. I personally think that what Pink did was just a gross though. Itis inappropriate no matter who does it.


You know what I find amazing? The double standards of this website!! Youi go on about the double standards of ABC but when Chris Brown attacked Rihanna you were going on about how horrible and disgusting he is. As soon as Tiger Woods' wife goes after him with a golf club you glorify it. Responsible 'journalism'. Really.


It's okay to ban ALL sex, but they aren't doing that. I understand Allison has a record to promote, but there will be plenty of opportunities for her... I hope she does the right thing.


Hellion - The goal isn't to "help open your mind." I was responding to your illogical point that a majority of males are heterosexual... and, therefore, acts like Lambert shouldn't be tolerated.
Can a heterosexual male not appreciate a provocative performance because, God forbid, he doesn't agree with the performer's sexual preferences? There are plenty of straight guys out there that adore and admire Lambert b/c he's a great singer and he's true to himself.


Henry, Call me what you will. I don't see how an Adam Lambert performance is going to help open my mind or anyones mind for that matter. If anything, Lambert's performance is an insult to gays in that if they want to get away from their "have sex with anything" image this performance isn't doing it.

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