Double Standard Debate: Pink Pulls an Adam Lambert... in 2004!

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It doesn't take much to realize that Adam Lambert is being unfairly singled out by ABC.

The network has now canceled appearances by the artist on two separate occasions, following an American Music Awards performance that was racy and controversial, sure; but not worthy of such an extended punishment.

In fact, our loyal readers have directed us to a 2004 clip of Pink at the Billboard Music Awards.

During her rendition of "God is a DJ" below, the singer crosses herself, grinds against the set throughout and thrusts a dancer's face into her crotch... the same exact move that has landed Lambert in such hot water.

Was there any sort of backlash against Pink? No. Did any network bar her from appearing on it? Not even close.

Lambert also got into trouble for kissing a male musician during his performance of "For Your Entertainment."

But as numerous outlets have pointed out since, Britney and Madonna's kiss in 2003 has been replayed for years, not censored immediately.

We know what many critics will say: they simply don't wanna see two men kissing on stage. They find it disgusting. Anyone is entitled to that opinion, but let us ask this in response:

Would you have been equally appalled if Susan Boyle and Billy Joel made out in public? The thought of elderly, overweight members of the opposite sex going at it isn't exactly appealing. But we doubt viewers or networks would react to such antics in this sort of negative matter.

Lambert's situation is an example of homophobia, plain and simple. Do you agree? Leave a comment with your thoughts and answer the following question:

When it comes to Adam Lambert, do you think there's a double standard at work?


Wow, HG, you truly have shown your bias views. Just support Adam, and not Kris or Allison. Adam is not that great: Kris and Allison are. You said what most of think on what seems appealing, BUT LEAVE SUSAN BOYLE OUT OF EVERYTHING. Adam is an ankle biter in comparison to Susan's Great Daness. YOU DO FORGET THIS MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THE NETWORK BUSINESS: THEY MUST KEEP OR GAIN THEIR VIEWERS. Business IS business. They would lose many viewers with Adam. Homophobic? Hardly. It's sick, it's sick, and most of us don't care much for sick, attention seeking gay men. He may be what he want's, but we don't have to support it.


Double standards aren't exactly a new thing. The powers that be are largely straight & male. They don't want 2 see guys going at it. They do want 2 see girls going at it (or 1 girl with whoever). So girls can do any kind of digusting thing they want & ppl will watch it & then talk about how skanky they are. Guys can't do it in the first place. Personally, I think they all go a little to, straight, male & female. When it comes to lyrics it's exactly the opposite. Eminem-like lyrics are controversial but ok coming from a guy but do you think for 1 second that a female would even have a career if she said the kinds of lyrics that he says? I think not!


Hellion...I am calling you a bigot & an obvious homophobe. 1. This is Adam Lambert's debut how can he have a hit song until now. He has a much better voice than Pink. You obviously didn't watch American Idol as Adam didn't rely on any stage antics....his voice just shone through. 2. As for runner up on American Idol...we all know that he should have won but the American christian majority made sure that he didn't...because, oh! my god...he's Gay !!! I bet you belong to one of those hypocritical christian groups !!! 3. Your last comment indicates that you have an IQ of about 10 The ABC was totally unfair and they should be ashamed that they have such double standards.


It's not illegal to be homophobic. In case you've forgotten, Prop 8 and that bill in Maine were voted on BY THE PEOPLE and failed BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE, not the Government. If you take issue with homophobia, blame your neighbors, not the government.


Each channel has their own standards and values. ABC is owned by Disney. Do you want your kid wandering through Disney watching anyone (male or female) grinding their genitals against another persons face? No. Do you want your kid subjected to that when they're getting ready for school? No. Or perhaps ABC knew most people don't want to listen to his screaming mimi performance at 7 in the morning.


haha P!Nk does an adam lambert???hah Adam Lambert copied P!Nk's move from 2003. That is how you should have written the article. THis writer is such a FAIL.
Oh btw, P!nk has sold 32 million albums , so don't compare her with that no talent screaming banshee he-she-it Adam Lambert who hasn't even sold 500k of his CD's. You old ladies back off with ur fanatism. I know ur those 45 to 50 year old women that I saw at the Idol concerts fangirl-ing Adam Lambert, your not teenagers.


hellooooo!! shouldn't it be the other way around? Adam pulls a Pink? So, Adam is going to be labeled the crotch stuffer even for people who did this in the past? oh, come on! This is nuts! (no pun intended). But seriously, it's not like we've never seen faces getting shoved in crotches before - male or female. Adam haters will look for ANYTHING.


CousinHenry, actually For Your Entertainment was written by Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke. His song Whataya Want from Me was the one co-written by Pink, with Max Martin.


I must admit that I didn't realize how hot two men kissing can be... now I understand why the guys dig watching the girls!! From what I'm seeing, I'm not the only one feeling this way. Perhaps the guys have a bit of a problem with this???


This is really a double standerd................The only reason people got so afended is cause Adam is Gay.

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