Danielle Staub: Weave Me Alone!

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For someone with a cocaine-laden, escort-employing past, you'd think a little hair pulling would be no big deal.

Heck, Danielle Staub may have made extra tips back in the day from letting clients go all Tiger Woods on her in such a manner.

However, The Real Housewife of New Jersey filed an assault charge against the daughter of co-star Jacqueline Laurita late last week, as Ashley Holmes allegedly yanked off Staub's hair extensions during a November 11 brawl.

Speaking to The New York Post, Danielle's attorney sounded less than enthusiastic about the case.

"I'm certain it hurt to a degree," Darren Del Sardo said. "We're not talking about a permanent injury. But I'm sure she was in pain. Her hair, from her roots, was pulled from her head."

Her fake hair, mind you. But any time a non-permanent injury, which hurts "to a degree," is at hand, justice must be served swiftly and painfully.

Holmes will enter a plea at an upcoming hearing and a judge will decide if the case heads to trial. The Bravo PR department anxiously awaits that decision.


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