Spencer Pratt: The Official "I'm a Celebrity" Cover

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Yesterday, Spencer Pratt issued a Twitter challenge to his followers: Send in what you think the cover of his first single, "I'm a Celebrity," should look like.

What you see below is not the real cover (check out his Twitter for that). But we think the one we made is a fitting tribute to the man's unique greatness ...

You may recall the pulsating beats and lyrical brilliance of "I'm a Celebrity" from last summer's reality show of the same name, which starred Speidi.

Anyone know what inspired our artwork? Follow the jump to see what other musical genius (and his amazing pants) spawned this Spencer Pratt spoof ...

That's right. Vanilla Ice, and the movie poster for his 1991 classic Cool As Ice. To the surprise of no one, IMDB ranks this as one of the 100 worst films of all time.

For what it's worth, Spencer long ago eclipsed the staying power of the Iceman, and he shows no signs of going away. But for a guy who called himself The Great White, even he should be able to see the humor in this comparison. We'd hope.

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