Coming to The Bachelor: Girl-on-Girl Action?

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The new season of The Bachelor, starring Dallas pilot Jake Pavelka, premieres Monday on ABC, and the network has been running a juicy promo to hype it up.

Amid images of Jake shirtless, pumping iron and talking about what a lucky fella he is, a voiceover promises the season will being with a "shocking scandal.”

One of the contestants (presumably) can then be heard saying of someone: “She’s been having this sexual affair with somebody else in The Bachelor house.”

Cut to obligatory shots of two girls under the same blanket and another two girls jumping on each other in what looks like it could be a playful tickle fight.

While some reports have claimed that a contestant hooks up with a crew member, could at be that a contestant cheats on Jake ... with another contestant?

That would be a way to drive up the ratings, for sure ...

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We love HIMYM, too! Barney from HIMYM and Sheldon from Big Bang (okay, and Cam from Modern Family) have GOT to be the most genius carhacters out there. Love them all.One of our favorite HIMYM storylines is the glass shattering, remember that one?! It's so funny, now we do it all the time...crazy how dead on this show is. I'm in love with Ted Mosby though. Yummmmy.


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