Cohabitating Clamor: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Move in Together?

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Sources say Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are moving in together.

Of course, some tabloids have stated these two already share a home and are willing to give tours to any magazine that comes calling.

However, there's less truth to that story than there was in Tiger Woods' wedding vows.

“They’re not ready for a huge commitment, but right now the best thing to do seems to find a home with a lot of privacy and security where they can find out how compatible they really are,” a friend told In Touch Weekly of Robsten's plans.

So far, this imaginary search has taken Kristen and Rob to residences in Beachwood Canyon and the Hollywood Hills.

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Robert Pattinson seems excited, and Kristen Stewart nervous, about the possibility of cohabitation.

Adds the anonymous, totally real pal:

“Even if you are head over heels in love with each other, you never really know if one of you has habits that will drive the other crazy. They want to give it their best shot, and that’s a big deal.”

A very big deal. Our advice to Robert and Kristen: be open, be honest and don't keep any golf clubs around the house. Right, Tiger?

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I think people should just leave them alone however they should just stop denying the rumours or just stop acting like a couple. holding hands and kissing pictures. Maybe if the truth come out people would back off. But surely these actors know what their doing the joys of being they say if you dont like the heat get out of the public eye.


I think you people are just jealous of them that's why you would say that about them. He's hot and their cute together if it is true.


robert is another feminie next to zac he never did well as cedric .he looks like a t.b patient to me i don't know how people selected him to act in the first place


the anonymous, totally real pal :D hahahahaha :D:D:D i love it how rp has a tag, but she doesnt :)
haha x xx


Oh tabloids never learn. No matter how shocking their stories are. No one semms to foolishly believe 'em. I definitely don't believe this. This is not true until they have some kind of proof about it and if either Rob or kristen would confess that they are really dating. Leave these people alone!


and,,, that boyfriend of hers is weerd too, how did they make it into that movie,


eeks, she is a weerd looking one.


i have to say bullshit they said this before magazines are trying to make money its A RUMOr AND TABLOID that is why i dont buy those magazines its all rumors and bullshit lies