Chris Golightly: American Idol Hopeful

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So it begins.

While we're still two weeks away from the January 12 premiere of American Idol, THG has uncovered an early contestant to keep an eye on: Chris Golightly.

The Justin Guarini (and Sideshow Bob) lookalike is featured in a new commercial for season nine. We can confirm that he receives a golden ticket to Hollywood and that he has a great voice.

Why else might Golightly advance far on Idol? Two words: great backstory.

The singer refers to himself as "Orphan" because, well, he actually is one. Golightly says he was raised in various foster homes and turned to music when he was six because he could tell his story through singing. Might that story conclude with an American Idol title?

It's a tad early to know for sure, but check out snippets of his audition below...

** UPDATE: Sources reveal that Golightly has advanced to the final 24 on season nine.


whatever his situation was in previous years of his life, I give him credit for taking the courage to come forward in auditioning to be the next American Idol. Perhaps he just wants to prove that he believes in himself. He definitely can sing. Perhaps he is one among many who is in the pursuit of taking their life to a next level. The climb as it refers to the steps of life is about getting ahead.
Best wishes to all the aspiring singers pursuing their dream and or to the road that could possibly lead them further into a highly competitive business, the music industry.


I agree with T. Also, Chris Golightly is not suitable for this show or this industry. Voting for Chris Golightly will be a mistake and taking away someone else's dream of the title.


don’t be fooled by chris golightly..he may seem like the innocent orphan that wants you to feel sorry for him for your votes..truth is he just wants to get ahead in life using his story for your sympathy..i should know he has done that trick on me and he got me good..he may say he’s changed and is more truthful now but i don’t believe him..he is a very good liar and a con artist..for somebody who was an orphan he should appreciate what people do for him..but all he does is think about himself..he’s a hypocrite..he auditioned last year and lied his whole way through the auditions..but best of wishes if you want someone like him to be your american idol..


I know all of us at the gym wish you the best. You have a beautiful voice and a personality to match. I will be watching!


Chris, you're amazing. I've heard of you through one of my close friends and I was told to check out this page and its in my favorites and I listen to you everyday. I love your voice. You are so talented and you have a voice that will touch so many hearts and lives. I wish you the best in everything you do and I know you will succeed.


Chris has worked hard all his life to perfect a talent that he was born with. This is despite all the obstacles and challenges in his life. He truly deserves this. Chris, I wish you all the luck in the world.


Chris, Don't know if you remember any of us from Hillview, but we sure remember you, Gabriel, and Estelle! There is a Hillview group on Facebook and we will ALL be voting for you!!! Best of luck. (Marje remembers you singing "Oh God You Are My God" with your own lyrics added ;) .) Angels watching over you,
Deb Rudnik (used to be Cottage 4, then Med Office)


Chris I loved you when I met you in Amelia Island and I love you now. I wish you the best and you better believe I will be following you through this season!!!


hey chris, good luck to you. i really hope you will one of those . . . you know what i mean .. . we will be voting for you.


my baby brother i'm so proud of keep shinning and sing your heart out I love you. You've always been my star.

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